The Apple iPod revolution is just beginning

“No technology since the VCR is as revolutionary to personal entertainment as the MP3 player. And the revolution is just beginning. More than a third of homes that have computers will also have iPods within two years, according to analysts at Merrill Lynch. What’s more, sales of all devices that can store and play a library of digital music, such as smart phones, will overtake sales of PCs by the end of the decade, says Shaw Wu, an analyst at American Technology Research,” Sean O’Neill writes for Kiplinger’s. “If you’re just coming to grips with the revolution, don’t worry. This guide will update you and give you a look at where digital music is headed.”

O’Neill writes, “To start, your best bet is an iPod (for details on iPod models, see the next page). Apple’s MP3 players are the easiest to use because Apple software seamlessly links them to a computer library and the iTunes online store (where you can buy music), both of which recognize your device instantly. None of Apple’s rivals has created anything as seamless, and each has fallen short in other areas. Dell’s recently released DJ Ditty, for example, fails to improve on the light weight and simple menu control of iPod’s most basic model, the shuffle. Sony’s players cost more than Apple’s per gigabyte of memory, without offering better features. Plus, iPods look the coolest.”

O’Neill then covers all of the Apple iPod models, iTunes, and the iTunes Music Store, and pretty much follows the digital media player market as a whole by ignoring the myriad also-ran player makers and online music outfits in his full article here.

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  1. Yes, cuz portable music was unheard of before it.

    uh.. holding 12 songs on a discman vs 1000 songs randomly shuffled and/or organized with smart playlists…?

    are you retarded?

  2. This is terrible. Not that I don’t like what the guy had to say (I love it).
    But who the heck is Sean O’Neill? And what the heck is Kiplinger’s?

    These must be desperate times when we can’t find news somewhere recognizable, or by someone who is known. But then, he seems like a perfect iPod-aholic, which is probably makes him worth syndicating by MDN.


    Have a great New Year everyone… It’s going to be Apple’s best year ever!

  3. “No technology since the VCR is as revolutionary to personal entertainment as the MP3 player.”

    Yes, cuz portable music was unheard of before it.

    Certainly there was protable music before the iPod, the big difference is that the iPod changed the way we listen to it. Never before did the average person have such an easy way to create commercial free playlists, of the music THEY want to listen to. And THAT is the difference.

  4. macnut you beat me too it. In order to create parity between an 80’s Walkman and the first gen iPod, you would have had to carry around about 85-100 cassette tapes with you at all times.

    So, no it’s not the same thing. To be fair the real revolution wasnt the iPod, it was the compression schemes (MP3) and increased storage capacity in smaller form factors. Apple just did what they always do, make it really easy and stylish.

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