Apple portables set to grab share in 2006 with projected 42-percent unit shipment increase

“Among all brand-name notebook-computer makers, Apple Computer Inc is set to take center stage next year, mainly bolstered by its new light-weight models as well as the iPod effect, a recent study found. Apple is projected to ship 3.27 million notebook computers worldwide next year, an increase of 42 percent compared to 2.29 million units this year, according to study results released by the Topology Research Institute,” Jason Tan reports for The Taipei Times. “This translates to Apple’s market share in the worldwide notebook market rising to 4.7 percent from 3.9 percent this year. ‘Compared to other makers which will post only moderate growth, Apple’s performance is significant and worth paying attention to,’ Topology analyst Simon Yang said.”

Tan reports, “Compared to its current bulky and older models, the upcoming Apple lineup will include 12-inch notebooks weighing in at 1.5kg as well as 14-inch models below 2kg, he said… Overall, global notebook shipments next year will grow by 17.8 percent to reach 69.5 million units, mainly driven by lower pricings and the new Intel dual-core platform, which is due to be launched next month. This estimate is similar to the figures given by Market Intelligence Center, another local market researcher. MIC forecast in October that worldwide notebook shipments next year will hit 71.2 million units, demonstrating a healthy growth of 19.8 percent. It said that, combined with the volume of desktop computers, which will reach 135 million units, the total shipments of all personal computers will surpass the 200 million mark for the first time.”

Full article here.
Apple already makes a 1-inch thick 17-inch PowerBook and their 12-inch PowerBook (1.18-inch thick) weighs in at just 4.6 pounds (2.08kg), so to describe them as “bulky” is quite a stretch. We also think Apple’s portable market share gains projection for next year is being underestimated here; our guess is that Apple will ship more than 3.27 million notebook computers worldwide in 2006. In 2006, we believe that Apple will open a lot of people’s eyes and cause many to think different.

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  1. My 17″ PowerBook is not bulky at all and is, in fact, an item of lust amongst all my PC friends. (I work in a small International community in a 3rd World country)

    They ask why can’t Dell or Toshiba do that?

    I just smile and say I don’t know.


  2. our guess is that Apple will ship more than 3.27 million notebook computers worldwide in 2006.

    I’d be interested in the data which led you to that estimate. My personal estimate is 3.2 million units shipped during the FY. You may email me at

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