Will Apple slap ‘Intel Inside’ stickers on Macs?

“The coming year for Apple Computer is full of questions, and many of them are connected one way or another with the switch to using microprocessors from Intel. How Apple will or won’t build around this or that Intel platform is likely to be answered when CEO Steve Jobs takes the stage at the annual Macworld conference on Jan. 10,” Arik Hesseldahl reports for BusinessWeek. “But to me, a more interesting question is one that goes straight to the heart of the relationship between Apple and its newest chip supplier. As Apple includes Intel’s chips inside its machines, will it also point to the Intel brand on the outside? In particular, will Apple place an Intel medallion on computers, or mention Intel in the ads for computers that house Intel chips? This would be a good moment to recall what at least one customer has called the ‘cocaine’ of the computer industry: Intel’s marketing subsidies — a program known as ‘Intel Inside,’ named for the ubiquitous logo, labels, and audio-visual cues that show up in the various print and electronic advertising efforts of PC makers that use Intel chips.”

“For every Intel chip a PC company buys, it gets some cash back, calculated as a percentage of its ad budget. For a company that ran a $7.5 billion profit on sales of $34.2 billion in its 2004 fiscal year, Intel can well afford to spread a little marketing cash around,” Hesseldahl writes. “Is Apple going to accept ‘Intel Inside’ money and all that goes with it?”

Hesseldahl doesn’t think Apple will slap Intel stickers on Mac cases or add Intel chimes to the end of Apple’s nonexistent Mac TV commercials, but they may still get Intel’s “Intel Inside” money. “While Intel’s name and its many brands are among the most recognizable in the world, the name doesn’t inspire the same degree of loyalty that Apple’s does,” Hesseldahl writes. “While millions know who Intel is and what a Pentium chip is, the names don’t necessarily make hearts skip a beat the way they do at the mention of the iPod, or the Mac… One of Intel’s big hopes in landing Apple as a customer is that some of Apple’s coolness and customer loyalty will rub off. Intel will no doubt get its share of the credit for the fruits of the alliance, perhaps a home-entertainment computer that makes previous Microsoft-led efforts in that arena look positively primitive. That will no doubt create positive buzz for Intel and help it shed at least some of the taint of being part of the ‘Wintel’ alliance with Microsoft. And that may be all the incentive Intel needs to cut Apple slack that it won’t give other PC makers.”

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  1. “Will Apple slap ‘Intel Inside’ stickers on Macs?”

    We at Apple are getting annoyed at this queation. To quell this nonesense once and for all, we issue the following response: no.

    Have a nice day.

  2. I fail to see what purpose it would serve other than to create confusion about compatibility. Too many people already think they can run Microsoft OS software on a Mac. Besides, Apple computers have never been about what CPU is inside… it’s the OS!!!

  3. There has to be something about this Apple/Intel deal that we can sue over.

    If we can’t sue, maybe we can get our lawyers to represent consumers who will want more money.

    Quick, lets patent the terms MacIntel, and Intel Mac.

    MDW “used” as in Vista can be bought used from ebay.com sold in OSX 10.1 packaging.

  4. You know, this is something I brought up in the Macnn forums almost immediately after the official announcement. I’d be surprised if they did as Apple is very particular about how their products look and even unwrapped.

    Who knows what the Jobsinator will ultimately allow, though.

  5. It is like the large mole on a beautiful model. Sure it can be removed, but if you can prevent it from being there in the first place. . .

    Do not put the stickers on macs!

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