President Bush shows off his Apple iPod (link to video)

“Ever wondered what the most powerful man in the world listens to in his spare time? In a rare departure from formal media interviews, George Bush has revealed what is on his personal IPod. Andrew Wilson reports on the President’s favourite tunes,” Sky News reports.

President Bush gets out his 4G iPod and reads some of the songs contained within: The Beach Boys, The Beatles, Alan Jackson, The Archies, Aretha Franklin, “Dan McLean,” upon which Bush was corrected “Don McLean” by Brit Hume, and more. Bush also has an iPod shuffle for bike riding. Bush also says U2’s Bono showed him the new Apple iPod 5G. “My iPod is a clunker, the newer version is much lighter” compared to the new 5G video-capable iPod, Bush said.

The video can be viewed here.

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  1. so, the Bushbashers would rather have that wanking coward kerry in the white house? “mark” got it right; if that putz was in power, the frogs would be dictating American foreign policy; saddam would still be in power; the taliban would still be raping afganistan; and we’d be “enjoying” vastly higher taxes. W may be a little strange, and out of his depth sometimes, but there is no doubt that he was the vastly better choice over that smarmy butt-buddy of little teddy.

  2. Just another GW distraction giving the Bush administration enough time to pick your pockets clean. It’s definitely going to be a Merry Christmas for the haves and the have mores.

  3. oh yes billysmoronmom. What’s best for the USA is to have the Chinese finance tax breaks for the rich in this country all while in a time of ‘war’. If you don’t have a 7-8 figure net worth you should never vote for a neocon.

  4. To bvdecicco
    >So he’s not completely a moron. Mostly, but not all moron. Just a teeny bit not a moron. Well, he is still all moron, but at least he likes his iPods.>

    Do you have an MBA? Can you fly a jet?

    You probably couldn’t be president of a toilet. Yeah, the handle is for flushing.

    Get real, you maroon.

  5. Those who call Kerry a coward should stand in line for options on the Brooklyn Bridge. I am holding the auction next month.

    Gullible morons!

    I love Apple but I could give a rats that GWB uses anything made by them.

  6. I bet you’ll be really excited to know that Bushy probably has a video of you and all your fudge packing, bush loving friends on his video iPod. You know, the one the NSA drops off to him so he can spy on Americans first-hand now? Bush is ruining this country, even without the war!

  7. A classic piece.

    This is a clunker compared to the newer version.

    I got the shuffle … lightweight … [thumb-press gesture] … crank it on … <u>and</u> you shuffle the shuffle.

    Put in in my pocket … got the hits[sic], uh ear-things on….

    And if you don’t like it, you hit … the next button. Pretty hi-tech stuff.

  8. The Archies??? Aretha Franklin??? WTF! This is bad! The Archies, that’s the Monkees minus Peter Tork. I thought they went out of business 35 years ago!
    Looks like his music taste was frozen during his college time. That’s what juvenile binge drinking does to you.

  9. Yeah most cowards I know went to Vietnam when they didn’t have to, saw combat and recieved 3 purple hearts. Then again, I also know a bunch of anti-American fags who try to strip people of their combat experience, purple hearts, etc., because of political bias. Such people almost always never went to war for their country, and somehow claim to be patriotic when in fact they spit on the American flag and everything it stands for when they try to call a bonafide soldier a “coward”. You hypocrites make me sick.

  10. Herbert: Looks like his music taste was frozen during his college time. That’s what juvenile binge drinking does to you.

    If you watched the whole piece, he also had Alison Krauss. No prettier, more tasteful music has ever been recorded this side of heaven. I’d say he possesses some excellent taste in music.

  11. Anim…
    Kerry spent 3 months “in country” and later spent the entire election campaign trying to convince the American public he was “Rambo.” Kerry is just a toady to that drunk from Mass riding his brothers’ fame.

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