Playboy launches ‘Playboy Bodcasts’ for Apple video-capable iPods

The text that follows is verbatim from’s Press Release: introduces its own sexy spin on the popular podcasting craze with its new “Playboy Bodcast.” The “Playboy Bodcast” enables high-tech consumers to take Playboy on-the-go by offering online features that can be downloaded directly to portable players like Apple’s new iPod Video.

“ continues to extend its online consumer base by embracing emerging technologies and creating products that reach people when they want it, how they want it and on the device they want it,” said John D. Thomas, editor of “We’ve seen an overwhelming response to several features we created for consumers to view on different devices such as the Apple iPod and Sony PlayStation Portable. The success of those features demonstrates that our fans are clearly interested in viewing fun, sexy Playboy features on these kinds of portable players.”

The “Playboy Bodcast” feature on will be updated every weekday and will be drawn from the following online video features:

— Joke of the Day — no one delivers a joke better than a Playboy model
— Ask Hef Anything — wit and wisdom from Mr. Playboy
— From the Mouths of Babes — video advice from Playboy’s sexy CyberGirls

Simple instructions for downloading the “Playboy Bodcast” are available at . also has plans to introduce sexier, premium “Playboy Bodcasts” in the future.

Note: WARNING: Adult content and/or nudity may be featured at some or all of the links contained within this article. More info here:

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  1. Bleh. The last thing I want is to hear those airheaded bimbos talk. The minute they open their pretty little mouths, you realize they could pool their collective brain cells and not have enough to fill a thimble.

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