Apple iPod accessories highlighted in MSNBC ‘great gadget gifts’ feature

“High tech gifting is sometimes a challenge, especially in today’s world of multiplying technical standards. Will Accessory A work with Gadget B? Does your beloved prefer Firewire, USB 1.0 or USB 2.0? And while you may find the coolest case ever made for the iPod Nano, that won’t do your sister much good if she owns an iPod Mini.,” Michael Rogers writes for MSNBC. “If your teens have iPods, they’ve probably already bought at least a few of the approximately ten million accessories now on the market. But here’s a piece of hardware that may have been out of their price range: the Altec Lansing inMotion iM7 portable audio system, which works with all iPods except the Shuffle. Unlike many of the smaller external speaker systems for the iPod, the$249 inMotion puts out great sound with plenty of volume, and since it runs on batteries or AC power it can be used either on the road or as a full-time bedroom sound system.”

“If you’re looking for high-tech bling, take a spin through Neiman Marcus. If you’re not ready to spring for the $840 crystal-studded Valentino iPod case, there’s the $395 Dolce & Gabbana gold snakeskin MP3 case,” Rogers writes.

Full article, with other gadget gift ideas, here.

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  1. Didn’t i mention i got 6 iPods this week?

    4 4- GB white nanos, 1 – 60 and 1 -30 GB viPod Black.

    I also have a shuffle, a 4 GB white nano, a 2G 20GB white iPod (which still works), a original U2 iPod.

    People are calling me the iPodMan, wonder why?

  2. BREAKING NEWS: MSNBC staff writer Michael Rogers was spotted walking aimlessly down the alley outside the MSBNC studios this afternoon with a prominent and colorful Microsoft Windows (R) logo tatooed to his forehead. Mr. Rogers was heard to be mumbling unintelligibly under his breath amid intermittent shouting out loud in apparent phantom pain, screaming “I’m sorry, Mr. Gates, I’m sorry! I don’t know what I was thinking! No, no, please!”

    THIS JUST IN: Moments ago, witnesses reported seeing a black SUV pulling up next to Mr. Rogers. They observed three men in blue jeans and black tutrleneck sweaters usher Mr. Rogers into the SUV and speed off. Strangely, witnesses to this latest development also noted the puff of exhaust from the SUV seemed to be in the shape of a piece of fruit with a bite taken out of it.

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