Apple iPod settlement benefits delayed due to appeal

The Apple iPod Settlement Administration website has been updated recently (Nov 15) with news of a delay:

On October 24, 2005, a notice of appeal was filed in the Superior Court of California, County of San Mateo, challenging the approved iPod Settlement. As a result, Settlement benefits will not be provided unless and until the appeal is resolved. This could take an extended period of time (up to a year or more). Until that time, Apple’s normal policies are in effect. Please check this website periodically for updates regarding the status of the appeal.

This appeal does not alter the Important Dates deadlines in any way. Class Members should refer to and comply with the Important Dates concerning claim filing deadlines.

For generation 3 iPods, the filing must be postmarked within two years of the original purchase date. The filing date for generation 1 & 2 iPods has now passed.

“Apple representatives confirmed that the settlement over claims that the company misrepresented the capabilities of the iPod’s rechargeable battery was being appealed, though the company stressed it had not filed the appeal. Apple declined further comment,” Digit reports.

Full article here.

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  1. So if Apple didn’t file the appeal does that mean we can assume the lawyers representing the class action filed the suit? But why would they? As a third generation iPod owner I don’t want to wait another year for the possibility of a slightly better deal. My iPod currently has a battery life of about 10 minutes, no joke.

    Or is there some other party in here that could possibly file an appeal? This doesn’t make any sense.

  2. I wish things didn’t CHANGE. Chir Rock did this great HBO special several years ago where he talked about women getting huge settlements when they got devorced, based on what they were “accustom” to. He goes on to say that when you go into a restaurant, you’re accustom to eating. When you leave, you ain’t eatin’ any more – they don’t owe you a steak.

    In the same vein, my iPod mini’s battery doesn’t hold a charge like I was “accustom” to it holding when it was new (neither does my cell phone, digital camera, or camcorder). It also has gained a few dings on it over time (just like my truck, my favorite boots, even my watch).

    This is what happens to stuff over time. It isn’t anyone’s fault, not even really mine. It is just how it is.

  3. Apple needs to ban the sale of their products to the retarded. They’ve done a great job keeping the Mac to the top %5 percent, but now that every poor moron on the short bus is rocking out to Britney on an iPod, Apple is doomed. Apple doesn’t know how to deal with your average Wal-Mart shopper such as Carl. Apple expects a certain level of intelligence from their customers. This will be Apple’s downfall: the increasingly moronic American populace. For this, you can thank my Dem friends and the NEA for ruining our schools and our students for decades.

  4. I don’t see how you can blame this on retarded consumers. Batteries die, yes, they all die eventually. This is not Apple’s fault so I can see you arguing that they should not be financially responsible for that problem. But what can a consumer do to make a Lithium ion battery last longer? About 500 charges and it goes. Is there some other part of the equation I’m missing?

  5. So if Apple didn’t file the appeal does that mean we can assume the lawyers representing the class action filed the suit? But why would they?

    For the answer to this baffling mystery, hold down your shift key and hit “4”.

    Seriously, my guess is that the lawyers figure they can squeeze a little more juice out of Apple. And since they get paid on percentage…

  6. “me” — I like your little story, but maybe an English lesson is in order.

    The comedian’s name is “Chris Rock”. I don’t know who the hell “Chir Rock” is.

    And it’s “accustomed” to, not “accustom” to.

    If you’re a native born English speaker, you should know better. If not, then there’s something to watch for in the future.

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