Want to switch to Mac? Mossberg answers common questions

“Apple’s Macintosh computers claim only a tiny share of the overall PC market, but they are getting more consideration from Windows users thinking of switching than at any time in many years,” Walter S. Mossberg writes.

Mossberg writes, “The daunting security problems that have plagued Windows have also prompted many of its users to take a serious look at the Mac. This trend has been further reinforced by the ‘iPod halo effect,’ in which Windows users who own and love Apple’s iPod music players are willing to consider the company’s other products. As a result, Mac sales, while still relatively small, have been growing much faster than overall personal computer sales. Are you among the PC majority considering a switch to the Mac? Then you probably have some important questions.”

In his full article, Mossberg answers the following questions (we summarize his answers below each):

How do Macs compare in quality with Windows PCs?
(Macs are better. Apple’s iMac G5 consumer desktop is, in my opinion, the single best home computer on the market. Its PowerBook laptops are among the top portables.)

Do Macs run Windows and Windows software?
(No, but you probably won’t need to anyway)

How does Mac software compare with Windows?
(Macintosh’s operating system, Mac OS X, and Mac software are far better)

Are Macs more secure than Windows PCs?
(Yes – since the OS X operating system came out in 2001, there has never been a report of a successful virus for it)

Are Mac files compatible with Windows files?

Is there anyone who shouldn’t consider a Mac?
(Serious game players and if your home computer choices are dictated by your company’s IT department and the IT department is ignorant of or hostile to the Mac, as so many are)

Full article here.

[Walt Mossberg is the author and creator of the weekly Personal Technology column in The Wall Street Journal, which has appeared every Thursday since 1991. Newsweek magazine calls Mr. Mossberg “the most powerful arbiter of consumer tastes in the computer world today.” Time magazine calls him “the most influential computer journalist.” And Rolling Stone calls him “the most powerful columnist in technology.” The Washington Post declared Mr. Mossberg “one of the most powerful men in the high-tech world” and “a one-man media empire whose prose can launch a new product.” And the New York Times calls him a “protean critic of the new economy’s tools and toys.” Mr. Mossberg was awarded the 1999 Loeb award for Commentary, the only technology writer to be so honored.]

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  1. As I said earlier, why can’t all journalist be more like Mossberg? He just works®

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    MDN Magic Word: income – as in with reviews like this, Monkey Boy covers bald head and yells incoming!

  2. he writes:

    The Mac isn’t invulnerable, but it has better built-in security than Windows, and such a small market share that virus and spyware writers haven’t targeted it yet. As a result, most Mac users have been able to dispense with running the morass of security software that Windows users must employ.

    As usual, anything MDN puts on the screen is both FUD and eaten up readily by many a zealot.

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