Motorola SLVR mobile phone with Apple iTunes

“Brian Modoff of Deutsche Bank maintained a ‘buy’ rating and $26 price target on Motorola following the company’s announcement of four new additions to its popular RAZR phone line,” Maya Roney reports for Forbes. “Modoff spent the day with Motorola on a non-deal roadshow yesterday, where the company announced a new ‘spun metal look’ V3i RAZR, pink and blue RAZRs, and a CDMA EV-DO RAZR. All of these products are expected to be available in the current quarter, making them well-positioned for the Christmas season.”

Roney reports, “Motorola also anticipates one or two new phones in 2006 that are compatible with Apple Computer’s iTunes, including iTunes software on the Motorola SLVR mobile phone.”

Full article here.

Engadget has pictures of the Motorola SLVR with Apple iTunes here.

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  1. why, oh why in the world would you debut a mp3 phone without a headphone jack? Yes it’s bluetooth enabled, but the quality of the bluetooth listening experience and that of someone who wants an average listening experience is going to be substantial.

    stupid move, very stupid.

    MDN word is “moment”, as in they had a chance to seize the moment and missed it.

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