Woz celebrates 30th anniversary of the Homebrew Computer Club (links to videos)

“We have a bunch of videos from the 30th anniversary of the Homebrew Computer Club, where Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak and other technology pioneers came up with the ideas that led to the first personal computers,” Dan Farber writes for ZDNet.

Videos include:
• $666.66 seemed like a good idea: Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak divulges the reasoning behind the infamous computer price for the first Apple computer.
• Demon typist: Woz reminisces about writing hexadecimnal codes. Former club president Lee Felsenstein and club member Allen Baum then praise Woz as the world’s fastest code typer. (Watch Woz repeatedly keep trying to grab the microphone back.)
• Apple was cheap, and on TV: Woz tells the Hombrew Computer Club 30th anniversary crowd about building Apple’s first computers on the cheapest parts and processors that could be found.
• Wozniak on Homebrew: The most important thing: Woz credits the Homebrew Computer Club meetings with teaching him much that was useful in creating Apple.

More info and links to the videos (where you’re allowed to make the guaranteed-to-be-ugly choice of Real Player or Windows Media Player) here.

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  1. Boy, watching those videos is an exercise in total frustration. I’ve seen 3 so far and have given up on trying to rewatch them or watch the remaining videos.

    Why the mugs at zdnet and cnet use Windows Media Player or Real format is beyond me. $$$ must talk. Anyway, I rarely have trouble with Quicktime video streaming, but WMP is just crap (and I refuse to install Real coz of spyware concerns)… it’s jittery or doesn’t play the video portion at all (although the sound keeps working), it stops half way thru to continue to stream, if you go back to the beginning it hasn’t cached the previous stuff so starts downloading all over again… I mean, it’s just really bad trying to watch these videos, even with the cache bumped to 30 seconds in the prefs.

    Oh, and it attached a crazy advertisement for some SQL product I could care less about (I prefer Oracle)… after which it doesn’t even play the video I clicked on!! It really stinks on ice.

    I’ve had issues with zdnet/cnet content before… pages take forever to load being one of the problems I encounter, now this adds to the quagmire. And cnet bought out tvtome.com as well and totally f***ed that up as well, p*ssing lots of people off in the process. Everything this company touches seems to turn to crap. I am fortunate I don’t often need to view or read too much stuff on there, but I’d still like to see a boycott of their site by Mac users and news sites, including MDN, until these issues are rectified. It’s basically a huge waste of time trying to read or view any content on that site from a Macintosh.

  2. I see your point Joell. But, Jobs did have that whole near-death thing and hey, who knows, he could be philosphical about it now. I mean, if it weren’t for that there wouldn’t have been NeXT and without NeXT there would be no OS X. So, come to think of it, Jobs should be kissing Woz’s furry ass! Alright, I got a little silly there…

  3. Abraham, yea sorry, I meant “couldn’t”, obviously.

    It would be nice however if you (and others who do similar) have something more constructive to contribute, especially since in this case you evidently knew what I meant (it was actually a typo.)

  4. notatotalsucker: Congratulations. That was quick learning.

    Now, something different. You wrote: “It’s basically a huge waste of time trying to read or view any content on that site from a Macintosh.”

    Maybe you meant to write “with my Macintosh”? I went to the site and watched all the Wozniak clips with Real Player. They were not Quicktime quality, but really quite functional. I did not find anything else at the site causing serious technical problems. I am using Safari on a Macintosh (what else?), so your generalization is not valid. And that, I think, is a lot worse than using sarcasm to make a point a point about improper language.

  5. Abraham Bainbridge,

    ‘generalization’ is actually spelt ‘generalisation’.

    If you want to nit-pick that’s fine, but remember we can all do it. Stick to the subject and stop being such a smart-ass.

    MW: quality. Something Abraham’s spelling doesn’t have.

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