Microsoft’s bad press continues to pile up

“We haven’t talked about Microsoft much lately because they haven’t really done anything news worthy in a long time. And if they hadn’t made such a fool of themselves with this latest event I probably wouldn’t have even given them a second thought. But this was just too good to pass up,” James R. Stoup writes for Apple Matters.

Stoup writes, “Why don’t we take a look at how they have been faring these past few months. What with the tech world talking about iPods, video downloads and Sony slipping you some spyware with your new CD good old MS has been left out in the cold. So, here is what they have done that has made the news lately. And keep in mind, that whoever said ‘There’s no such thing as bad publicity’ obviously never met the management at MS.”

In the full article, Stoup recaps the latest Microsoft news as such:
• Failed demo – Taking ineptitude to the next level
• The South Korea “Incident” – MS threatens to make S. Korea virus free
• Xbox due out before PS3 – See, it’s not all bad news
• IE patent appeal lost – Time to get out the check book to the tune of $500 million
• Patch creation process flawed leaving system still vulnerable – Earth still round, water still wet
• Windows Media Center upgraded – User interface goes from “raped in city jail” to “tortured in Vietnamese POW camp”
• In USA Internet Explorer is down to 80% market share – Get Ballmer another chair ’cause it’s time to panic

Stoup writes, “Yes, I know it’s bleak but if they could just stop making such fools of themselves things would improve. We don’t expect a presentation from Gates to be anywhere in the same league as Jobs but making sure the janitor didn’t accidentally turn off the internet doesn’t seem like too much to ask does it?”

Full article here.

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  1. Its quite incredible how a company that has so much power, so many people working for it and so much money can make so many disastrous mistakes.
    The Xbox and their range of mouses are the only thing that realistically they should be proud of. #
    But hey, im not complaining, the worse Microsoft looks, the better Apple looks.

  2. making sure the janitor didn’t accidentally turn off the internet doesn’t seem like too much to ask does it?”

    LOL! That made my day! I’m flashing back to an old Far Side comic of the janitor unplugging vital equipment in a science lab so that he could plug in his vacuum cleaner!

  3. It does boggle the mind. MS has many outstanding employees and engineers (crippled by management) and piles of money pouring in from luke warm product offerings. I guess they’re in the waiting mode trying to figure out what to copy next. They need to copy something that’s successful.

    Recently they tried to copy Apples success with media events. Gates looks pretty foolish making a big deal about rolling out “LIVE” with virtually nothing working. Sheesh. At least when Apple rolls something out, there’s a working product for people to see. MS ought to copy that, “working products”.

    It blows my mind that MS users are not outraged (and outrageously pissed off) and vocal about the notion of having to pay more for a secure working OS.

    I’m less than 24 days away from being MS-free for two years (that’s right, not one PC running anything by MS in my shop of 14 Apple computers). That’s a message Apple needs to get out…. there is life without MS and it is GOOD!

  4. Microsoft is good with marketing phrases like “Plays for sure” and remember “Plug and Play”? It keeps the tech writers, IT guys and general public pacified and duped into thinking the product is as good as or better than the Apple/Mac product they copied. Unfortunately, the slogans are empty because they’re not backed by technology that actually works. At least when the current Apple team copies something, they usually improve it, simplify it, make it look great, and it works.

  5. The Xbox 360 had better enjoy their brief lead while it lasts. Their rush to bring the console to market before the PS3 will leave it as the inferior choice hardware wise, and in the end, they’ll probably end up in a distant second place position again just as they did with the original Xbox vs the PS2.

  6. WizeGuy wrote:

    “Its quite incredible how a company that has so much power, so many people working for it and so much money can make so many disastrous mistakes.”

    Two words: General Motors.

    MS has a classic case of Big Company Disease. Like always, it’s interesting to watch the train go off the rails.

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