Apple promotion rewards UCSB students for flaunting Apple gear

“With the launch of Apple Computer’s new promotional campaign, students and faculty can win several prizes this month by showing off their Apple gear while on campus,” Stephanie Cain writes for the UCSB Daily Nexus. “Apple Student Representatives Maya Collins, a second-year psychology major and Ian Fisch, a third-year electrical engineering major said they will circle the campus this month in black Apple hats and hand out prize entry forms to students, faculty and staff who are in possession of any fully visible Apple product.”

Cain writes, “Fisch said he hopes the contest will help publicize how many UCSB students own Apple products. ‘We want to show how prevalent Apple is on campus,’ Fisch said. ‘A lot of students use Apple – many people don’t know how popular it is. Plus, it’s a cool contest… iPods are really popular with students. This will get people excited.’ Collins said the contest, which aims to spread the use and ownership of Apple products on campus, is exclusive to UCSB.”

Cain writes, “A drawing will be held on Nov. 28 to determine the winners of the contest, Collins said. The first-place prize is a new 30-gigabyte video iPod. Second and third runners-up will receive a two-gigabyte iPod nano – a smaller version of Apple’s iPod music device – and the choice between the AirPort Express wireless internet system or an iSight web camera. In addition, the Apple representatives will be handing out more than 90 coupons for free iTunes music, Collins said. Collins said Apple employs representatives at more than 250 campuses across the U.S. and offers a multitude of discounts to current students.”

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  1. That is great advertising. I hope this kind of thing becomes more common on many college campuses (including mine). It would be great to get back to the larger number of Apple’s on campuses – then maybe people will keep using them after they graduate….

  2. its UC Santa Barbara. Something that might be worth knowing even if you’re on the coast. It doesn’t get too much attention becuase its undergrad is sorta lacking, its a great party school but it has some amazing research programs that are turning out really useful stuff. Plus it was one of the original four locations on the internet. The other three being Stanford, Berkeley and UCLA.

  3. I think it’s a good idea, but I found this comment kind of funny: “many people don’t know how popular it is”. If many people don’t know how popular something is, is it popular?

    Sorry, just feeling nitpicky this morning. Where’s my coffee?

  4. Jay,

    Being old enough to actually know this one personally…

    For the original Internet:
    ARPA [what DARPA was called at the time] awarded the ARPANET contract to BBN. The physical network was turned on in 1969, linking four nodes: the University of California at Los Angeles, the SRI (in Stanford), the University of California at Santa Barbara, and the University of Utah. The network was based upon 50 Kbps circuits (slower than today’s fastest dial-up).

  5. I’m afraid to share this with my wife (also a Mac user) – she teaches at a college where if you say “Apple” or “Macintosh” they think you are talking about the produce of the local orchards.

    My pet name for the school is the Luddite Institue of Technology.

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