Enderle: ‘2006 should be a very powerful year for Apple’

“We are anticipating that many of Apple’s laptop products will simply no longer have an optical drive of any kind but instead will have a multiple format flash reader slot and an iPod docking port. When docked, future iPods will have access to some notebook functions and be usable as a secondary display,” Rob Enderle writes for TechNewsWorld.

“With the market moving aggressively to laptops and Apple’s laptop numbers being particularly strong, expect most of the company’s [2006] design effort to be focused on making this new product stunning to look at and even more impressive to use. An instant-on feature, largely founded in Intel technology, will be common as will 802.11n and the elimination of the optical drive as mentioned above. A stronger tie-in to the ever more PDA-like iPod and stronger ties to iTunes like backend services should be present as well. This is where Apple will be taking its biggest gambles and, at least for now, those gambles look like good ones to me,” Enderle writes.

MacDailyNews Note: We hardly ever shut down our Apple PowerBooks. We just close the lid and they sleep. Open the lid and they’re “instant-on” in a sense already. So this is not that big a deal in portables; Macs have been “instant-on” for years thanks to Mac OS X. (We understand that “Sleep” isn’t “instant-on,” but our point is that for users it’s pretty much the same effect.)

Enderle continues, “As we have seen with the iPod, black is the new white. Expect Apple to begin the iBook’s color transition next year… PowerBooks will likely shift to a darker metallic or graphite finish to refresh the overall look and better mirror the more advanced image it has. The new PowerBooks line should also expand to the first 19-inch wide screen format product in the segment and the possibility of the first dual processor dual core laptop as well in this format.”

Enderle also predicts the future for Apple’s desktop lines and writes that he expects, “Apple to expand their line to include a 45-inch LCD display with LED lighting. The 45-inch LCD should come in below $5,000 and be more of an Apple showcase. They should have a 21-inch wide format for around $700, a 24-inch wide format for around $1,000, and a 32-inch wide format for around $1,900 in this time frame.”

Enderle concludes, “Overall, 2006 should be a very powerful year for Apple, but staying patient while we wait for the biggest product release since the original Mac will be almost impossible.”

Full article here.
Nary a disparaging word about Apple or the Mac platform from Enderle. While his predictions may or may not come true, this article’s tone is an interesting change nonetheless. We would like to see unique iPod integration into Macs. Apple should leverage iPod’s success as much as possible to make the Mac an even stronger logical platform choice for iPod owners.

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  1. I agree with hammer (don’t hurt ’em) – Enderle is always full of crap. His usual predictions don’t ever seem to match up with reality. It’s like Bill Gates coming out with his predictions like “In 5 years, no one will use a keyboard anymore.” Well, that was back in 1998 and he was wrong, but no one ever calls these assholes on their predictions.

  2. No optical drive of any kind??

    Seriously, I want to find the vet that is giving Rob his daily dose of horse tranquilisers because it’s clearly damaging his powers of reasoning.

    Apple has, to all intents and purposes, committed to the Blu-ray format: people want to be able to watch DVDs and – soon – high-definition DVDs. People also want to be able to rip their CD collections to iTunes.

    Is Enderle actually predicting that Apple will say that such functionality will only apply to desktop/home computing?

    This is already being filed in my head, under “crackpot ravings” with a cross-reference to “delusional drug-addled nonsense”.

    Seriously, there are David Bowie lyrics from the Seventies that make more sense than Enderle’s twaddle, and he was helping the horticultural by-product industries on two continents to survive and writing songs by cutting up sentences written on paper and joining them up again in a random fashion.

  3. Badmouthing Apple will only make them look foolish since Apple is now the dominant trendsetter. Enderle, like Thurrot, sees the writing on the wall when Apple will become the next big thing.

    These Microsoft shills are preparing to abandon Microsoft’s sinking ship or at least, they’re hedging their bets.

  4. I think Enderle reads the posts here on MDN and, after that last ‘howler’ of an article he wrote, realized he better get on some of our good sides!
    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cool grin” style=”border:0;” />

    Anyway, his crystal ball is as cracked as his head, since I see almost nothing in his predictions that has a chance of coming to pass in 2006 (or maybe even 2010). The black thing is sort of a no-brainer, given how popular the color has been on the company’s most popular product. What would have demonstrated a little more insite on his part would have been to realize that color alone isn’t going to be enough for these new Macintels.

    Jobs is going to want them to be as striking as possible on the outside, so I expect Carbon Fibre to be the next ‘cool’ laptop material – at least for the PowerBooks.

    It’s almost a no brainer: Carbon Fibre is strong, lightweight, definitely won’t have the current Airport reception problems, and … well, it’s black. Naturally black. Which kind of continues the ‘natural finish’ theme the PBs have had for a while now.

    Well, that’s what MY crystal ball says anyway.

  5. I just got Rob’s latest article.

    Apple’s Updated Power Mac’s will not work without being plugged in.
    Rob goes on and saying “I am shocked without power the G5 quad Powermac is not functional’

    Rob seems to be the first to report this. It’s late breaking Rob’s news

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