Quality issues delay Intel’s ‘Montecito’ processor

“Intel, the largest computer chip maker, said on Monday that it would postpone volume production of a new Itanium processor for network servers because of problems with the quality of the product,” Laurie J. Flynn reports for The New York Times. “The server chip, which is being developed under the code name Montecito, was scheduled for release in early 2006, the company said, but will now be shipped in ‘mid-2006.’ Intel would not provide details.”

Flynn reports, “The delay amounts to something of a black eye for Intel, as it seeks to maintain its lead in server chips over Advanced Micro Devices. Jonathan Eunice, an analyst at Illuminata, a market research company, said, ‘The real impact here is it gives A.M.D. a longer window to attack.’ An Intel spokesman, William E. Giles, said the company still expected Montecito to offer twice the performance of the current version.”

Full article here.

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  1. The quality issues of the Itanium processor have been a constant headache for Intel in my recollection.

    This along with recent reports of AMD successes in the 64 bit and dual core segments makes me wonder if Apple chose the correct bed fellow. Atleast going i86 allows for an easy transition between Intel and AMD in the future.

    MDN word: united

  2. I agree: PPC ain’t dead yet, and it’ll be in the high end Mac’s for a while. It wouldn’t surprise me if Apple revises its roadmap and keeps PPC longer than expected; perhaps even indefinitely. That gives Apple the best of both worlds.

    “If Microsoft delayed releases instead of releasing them with glitches, we’d still be hearing about the immanent release of Windows 95!!!”

    More like we’d still be hearing about the immanent release of Windoze, 1.0!

    MW: Numbers. It’s all about numbers.

  3. its all because of the laptops, if ibm could release a processor that was suited (powerful, cool and effcient)then we wouldnt need to do all this shit. mongrels.
    im not convinced yet either lisa, but the developers are saying the intels are running damn quick.

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