Apple to open iTunes Music Store Australia on October 25th?

“Apple Australia has organised a major briefing on Tuesday at which the worldwide head of iTunes Music Store and worldwide head of iPod Marketing will appear. It’s highly unusual for Apple to hold a press briefing unless a product announcement is being made, and it’s hard to imagine the head of iTMS flying from the US to Australia for any other reason than the announcement of iTMS Australia,” AppleTalk reports.

The briefing is scheduled for October 25, 2005.

Full article here.

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Is this finally the one? We have to wonder if Sony and/or Warner have signed on the dotted line or not.

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  1. Let’s deal with ron…I could say the same thing about people in the northern hemisphere. You know there’s no such thing as up or down in space. Oh but then again with such moronic views I shouldn’t really bother. And having read your other posts you really aren’t worth any more ones and zeroes.

    OK here we go again yet another false dawn?????? We’ll see whether Sony and Warner have bitten the bullet. Or will it be sans Sony?

    A’stralian (phonetic spelling) music lovers are entitled to a fair go. Personally I just wish the downloads were cd quality. Then again anything is better than nothing. And at the moment one million A’stralian ipod owners have cds, mp3s or nothing. Fingers crossed!

    MDN word “freedom” as in freedom to poke fun at ron. tee-hee

  2. Has anyone heard of the boy who cried wolf? That is what it is like to hear news and rumours about iTMS in Australia.

    Lets assume that this time it happens. Will television content be included? The American shows usually get broadcast months after their debut on home soil. If television content is made available the day after being shown on American stations then iTMS Australia will be a great place to see the latest episodes first. Never mind the small resolution, people will pay to know what happens on Desperate Housewives, Lost, etc.

    I hope Australian shows like Kath & Kim and Pizza become available to the other iTMS stores.

  3. I heard it was going to be November 8. My wife heard November 22. My son’s friend said October 27. A co worker’s husband said it was going to be December 14. A friend who knows someone down under said January 10 was it. Appletalk says October 25th? Who cares anymore.

    It would crack me up if when the Aussie iTMS finally opens up, no one buys anything. That would be news.

  4. Maybe they’re anouncing all Aussie iPods be recalled. After all they’re all breaking the law. It is ilegal to put your own CDs on an iPod and they don’t yet have the Store. They can’t be walking around with empty iPods. Nail em up I say.

  5. Geeez, how many times do I have to post this (four times after this one I guess). Look Bush Tucker Man the federal Attorney-General has said that the law will be changed to allow for people to:

    1. Copy their cd collections
    2. Use a music download service

    The minister has also said that the mere possession of dvd ripping software such as mactheripper will lead to prosecution with a possible jail term of up to five years.

    I guess in another few weeks I will have to repeat this information yet again.

    One last point is that the ARIA the Australian equivalent America’s RIAA are not interested in prosecuting ipod users, or users of a proposed antipodean ITMS service.

    For the record I’m a veteran of the Oz music scene with legal qualifications to back it up. My bill is in the mail.

  6. These constant false alarms remind me of the old saying:

    — Fool me once, shame on you.
    — Fool me twice, shame on me.
    — Fool me three times, f*** you.
    — Fool me four times, hunt you down with a chainsaw.

    It goes on, but I forget the rest.

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