Free Sinbad Mac OS X web searching app released

Sinbad is a web searching application designed to simplify web browsing and information retrieval. Similar to Watson and Sherlock, Sinbad provides a consistent and simplified user interface for all web services and makes finding specific information much faster and easier.

Sinbad includes modules for finding album database info, song lyrics, famous quotes, movie database info, country facts, dictionary, encyclopedia, shopping, and more. You also get an English, German <-> English, computer jargon dictionary and an encyclopedia modules for finding detailed information quickly. However, this is just the beginning, more modules are on the way.

Sinbad is available in English, German, Japanese, Dutch, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese. French and Italian localization will be
available in next version.

Sinbad is a freeware, the requirement to run Sinbad is Mac OS X 10.3.9 or later with internet connection.

The official website for Sinbad:


  1. Ehh. The number one thing I used Watson for was movie listings. Now that Watson’s kaput, I use Sherlock for the same thing. If Sherlock’s movie channel stops working, I’ll need something else, but it doesn’t look like this app provides it.

  2. I am irritated by the way that Apple has let Sherlock languish, now that widgets are here. I still run Panther on my work computer, so I need to use the Phone Book in Sherlock, but it hasn’t worked for a few months now.

    I paid for and used Watson when it came out. It was a really good app. The only irritating part was that it wanted to update almost everytime that I started it up. I just wanted quick info, but I would have to wait for an update and then close and restart Watson to get my info.

  3. Ampar: “At first glance, I thought this story had something to do with raising bail money for a very tall comedian.”

    LOL – since he is quite an Apple fan, and is routinely seen at Macworld Expo’s and the like, I was thinking the same thing…

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