RUMOR: Apple to announce iPod with video playback, media partnerships later today

“Hours prior to Apple’s October 12, sources have clarified to Think Secret recent confusion surrounding Apple’s iPod announcement today. In brief: the iPod will be feature video playback capabilities but it is not the video iPod and Apple may not bill it as so. Additionally, Apple will announce partnerships with an unknown number of broadcasting companies that will make content available for download to Apple’s device, as noted yesterday,” Ryan Katz reports for Think Secret.

“The new iPod will look nearly identical to current models but will feature a 2.46-inch display with a 320×240 resolution, about half an inch larger than the current iPod. The video playback capability, which sources say is in fact available in current models but is disabled, will be geared towards watching broadcast content, video podcasts, and other shorter videos, but Apple will not be offering movies to purchase at this time. Instead, the company is hoping to roll out a movie store later in 2006 when the ‘real’ video iPod, which will sport a widescreen display wrapped in a new casing, will debut,” Katz reports.

Full article here.

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