TV shows via Apple iTunes could be a long way off

“Wouldn’t it be great if you could buy and download your favorite episodes of Sex in the City from a Web site? Unfortunately, that scenario is probably a long way off, according to a panel of Internet executives sounding off on the future of entertainment and media at the Web 2.0 conference here on Thursday,” Alorie Gilbert writes for CNET News.

Full article here.


  1. why would our local TV consumer reporters suddelnly be highlighting the fact that you can upload Beatles CDs to your iPod you can’t but them from Apple itunes store? maybe part of Wednesdays event will be an announcement of a settlement of this dispute and have the beatles works all available from itunes music store?

  2. D0 you really want to watch TV where ever we go, Don’t you guys have sex anymore?

    Between using a computer all day at work and listening to music between drives and while exercising, I want to be unhooked when I’m home and doing the wild thing

  3. There was a quote a while back from God, er.. Steve Jobs, that was something like “It’s not that Mac TV is a bad idea, it’s that the cables companies are monopolies.”

    Maybe the article is true. Hopefully it won’t be by next week.

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