Newer Technology drops price on miniStack storage, port expander for Apple Mac mini

Newer Technology, Inc.’s miniStack has been named MacAddict’s Editors’ Choice for November 2005, and they’re celebrating by passing along savings of up to 10 percent. miniStack allows you to add your own 3.5″ Hard Drive to your Mac mini and expand your ports. Includes built-in 2 Port FW400 Hub and 3 Port USB 2.0 Hub.

The new pricing is:

0GB (enclosure only) – $89.95
80GB w/2MB buffer – $139.99
160GB w/8MB buffer – $179.99
250GB w/8MB buffer – $219.99
320GB w/8MB buffer – $259.99
400GB w/8MB buffer – $359.99
500GB w/8MB buffer – $479.99

All miniStack models feature high-performance 7200RPM hard disk mechanisms and data buffers of 2- or 8MB. The line utilizes the latest Oxford911+ chipset in a custom FireWire/USB2 bridge for unrivaled performance and reliability. The miniStack provides significantly better hard drive performance versus the stock Mac mini hard drive while at the same time providing additional USB2 and FireWire ports via its integrated USB2 and FireWire Hubs.

“We knew we had a great product when we unleashed the miniStack,” said Larry O’Connor, president of NewerTech in the press release. “It’s nice to have others enjoy them as much as we do. Now we’re going to make it easier by dropping the prices. You just can’t get a better drive at a better price.”

The miniStack was designed to complement the size, shape and color of Apple’s demure Mac mini, but the drives are compatible with any computer with an available FireWire or USB port.

Each miniStack features a smart power switch so the drive turns on and off with your mini and a thermal probe that automatically regulates and varies fan speed according to the temperature. It provides integrated 2-Port FireWire and 3-Port USB 2.0/1.1 powered hubs for additional devices. The dimensions of the miniStack are 6.5 inches x 6.5 inches x 1.5 inches.

More information and the full line can be viewed here:

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  1. “but how does it connect to the mini? does the mini have a port for stuff like this, or do i have to use a firewire port?”

    Honestly, why do people ask questions like this? Go to the Apple and the Newertech websites and find out yourself…

    Since that is unlikely… There is a firewire cable for the firewire hub, and a USB2 cable for the USB port… ta da!


  2. From: Yo, Carl Carlson, Me

    maybe i should have said “after looking at both apple and the mini stack sites, and facing repercussions from prick members of MDN, i ask the following question-but how does it connect to the mini? does the mini have a port for stuff like this, or do i have to use a firewire port?

  3. Carl, I wonder myself. The only “uplink” is a USB2 B port, so I guess that’s required, but how does it operate as a Firewire hard drive? It can’t have a Firewire connection through a USB port on a computer, can it? My Magic 8-Ball says “answer not clear.”

    Yo, don’t be a dick.

  4. Carl,
    You use one firewire cable for the firewire connection (leaving you one open firewire port – which is what you started with, but now you also have a big external drive) and/or one USB cable to the upside USB ports, leaving two open downstream ports. This is a great idea, and appears well-executed. It really turns the mini into a decent and much more useful machine (particularly if you do iLife stuff), with no change in footprint.
    Have a nice day. There are still some decent people left on the planet.

    MDN Word “friends”. I swear these things are psychic.

  5. I’m a dork too and I didn’t even ask a silly question. So let’s all get along and help each other and not be so harsh. Nice work Grrrilla and neomonkey. It’s good karma to be nice to each other.

    MDN word: “company”, as in we should be good company in these forums. (you’re right about being psychic, grrrilla!

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