Apple iPod nano wins battle with washing machine

“Just about three weeks ago I posted a review of my new favorite gadget, the iPod nano… Well I’m sad to report that my nano had accidently had a run-in with the washing machine on Saturday morning… The nano is light enough that it turns out you can’t really tell when it’s in a shirt pocket and when it’s not. On this Saturday morning it was, and unfortunately the shirt was in the washer. I got ahold of it after about a minute in the dryer, so the little white contraption had already experienced a warm wash, cool rinse and exciting spin cycle,” jonknee reports for MacMerc.”

Pictures of “the little iPod that could” and the story of how a little drying time goes a long way for nanos that go through the wash in the full article here.

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Apple iPod nano takes a beating and keeps on beating – September 12, 2005


  1. New Nano slagon in Rip, Mix, Burn style…

    Wash, Crush*, …

    * Use a car to run over your Nano!

    Has anyone set the Nano on fire yet to see if it can survive that?! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  2. I am not surprised at all.

    I once left a 512MB Compact Flash in my shirt pocket and it went into the washer and dryer…..I later found it in the dryer. I was doubtful it was going to work. Well….after 1 year it still works to this day.


  3. Wow, this is GREAT news. I am sorry that the guy had to go through this but this was the big question that still remained. And now (at least anecdotally) it seems to be answered.

    I was worried a bit by the screen cracking issue but now that they have that solved and the scratching put in perspective, I can whole-heartedly recommend the nano again. Especially with the Ars Technica driving over it with a car testing and now this washing machine experience. That little sucker is TOUGH!

  4. Rip, Spin, Mix, Rinse, Burn, Soak, Repeat – iPod vs. Washing Machine or just another night in the mosh pit? You decide. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

  5. giofoto, I put my 256 Scandisk though the wash about 7-8 times now, had it less than a year, and it still ticks and has my files. My mom doesn’t understand why, and the reason why it still works is because I wait to plug it in. As long as there is no electric current going though it while its wet, it wont get fried. So, I let my usb stick dry out first before putting it to use again. I’m not sure if this person waited to let his nano dry before plugging it in, it sounded like he didn’t, and he could have fried it. But if he waited, let it dry, then turned it on, it would have most likely worked just as if it didn’t go though the wash.

  6. Why am I having a hard time believing this??????????

    Maybe I should post this tale: My dog ate my Nano thinking it was a candy bar or something. Then I followed the dog around for a day or so waiting for the Nano to exit the opposite side of my dog that it went in. Finally the pile came out the backside of the dog and there was my Nano!!!
    I went and washed it off, let it dry, then turned it on and it worked!!! Amazing!!!! The downside is that now all the music on my Nano sounds like shit….

  7. I put my nano in ice cream with a banana and now I have a “Ba-nano Split”.

    Next we will hear the story of a nano in somebodies shirt pocket that stopped a bullet….and the Nano still worked!

    Or Aliens kidnapped my Nano and then I later found it with strange music on it. On the back they had lazer inscribed the message: “Be kind to our children”.

    And did you know that Nano spelled backwards is “Onan”.
    Isn´t that the name of some mythical god from an Eastern religion or that guy Arnold Schwazzerneger played as the barbarian?

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