Google celebrates 7th birthday, makes Google Video Mac and Linux compatible

“Google, celebrating its seventh birthday today, has revamped its video search service. Google Video now plays back search results in a large video window within the browser without the need to download irrititating media players. This means the service is available on Linux and Mac machines for the first time,” John Oates reports for The Register. “Google is promoting the service with the exclusive airing of Everbody Hates Chris – Chris Rock’s new comedy. Episodes will be available via Google all week prior to broadcast on Thursday.”

Full article here.

Google Video here.


  1. One can watch the entire pilot (commercial-free) of Everybody Hates Chris with Google Video. I like the idea.

    Google is planting its seeds for the future and is using the internet as its platform. Before you know it, there will be a Google Browser or Google Media player type application. It is these kinds of things that is making Microsoft nervous (on top of the growing admiration for Apple by consumers).

  2. The Quality is not too great? What the hell are you smoking? Its a nice big size video that loads beautifully. This is simply some of the smoothest running video I’ve ever seen on the net. Sure it has the choppy jpg encoding, but for it to run that smooth at that size is very very nice.

  3. Yes, Google Earth is THE application I really hope would make its way to the mac soon. I mean it’s so cool, that I can’t describe it.
    After telling about it to my teachers in college, they have actually wasted many lessons just playing around with the app, and showing it off to the other students! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” /> How hilarious is that!

    So, anyone have connections to google? Anyone know if it even is gonna come out for the mac?



  4. I realize this stuff has to start somewhere, but color me very, very unimpressed.

    So it plays in a larger window. Big deal. Smaller windows with better quality don’t impress me, either. The video quality of Google Video isn’t even on par with a well used VHS tape or poor broadcast TV reception. Why on earth would anyone want to watch stuff like this?

    Call me when this stuff is worth watching and really news. Any OS, full screen and at least standard def video quality with no drop-outs, compression artifacts or freezing.

    And, oh yeah, has content that might actually be worth watching.

  5. WOW i had no idea how cool google earth was. i will have to check it out on my friends peecee later tonite.

    and google video is cool! so it isn’t the best quality but it’s not bad at all. i watched the entire chris rock sitcom and now i am a fan of both.

    (chris rock show is really funny!)

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