Apple releases iPod Updater 2005-09-23

Apple today released iPod software update 2005-09-23 via Software Update which delivers iPod Software 1.1.2 for iPod shuffle. iPod Updater 2005-09-23 contains the same software versions as iPod Updater 2005-09-06 for all other iPod models.

Features of iPod Software 1.1.2 for iPod shuffle
• Bug fixes for iPod shuffle

More info and standalone installer download link (32MB) here.


  1. Did they forget to add this with the last update that came with the nano?

    You know, Apple’s been sloppy in the last couple of months with their software releases. Tiger’s buggy, iTunes buggy, nano’s buggy, quicktime’s buggy, .mac is buggy, good grief!

  2. Agree…Apple has been sloppy with its software updates. Did they hire some ex-Microsoft people lately? Or did everyone move over to the iPod side of the house and there is one guy left in the software dept.???

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