RUMOR: Apple to introduce faster Mac mini models soon

“A Mac mini update is ready for roll-out just two months after Apple bumped the RAM on the systems and added a SuperDrive model, Think Secret has learned. The systems, which are currently in transit to retailers, were originally slated to roll-out this week but may not appear until next week. No announcement is planned beyond a possible press release,” Ryan Katz reports for Think Secret.

Same prices, but (slightly) faster G4 processors, faster hard drives (finally!), better wireless capabilities and more are rumored by Think Secret.

Full article here.


  1. rumours regarding small speedbumps etc really aren;t rumours or even real news at all.

    if i had said last week – ‘i think there will be a speed bump sometime in the future’ – well its just fricking obvious right?!?!

    hey get this! –

    I predict that one day computers will be faster! specifically mac will get faster! and they will add more ram! and hardrives will get bigger!!! and other things will happen!!!! they are bound to!!!!!


  2. The Mac Mini’s are great little computers for most normal people. I’ve given away three so far to my non-techie relatives. I made them buy their own (oh my gosh, DELL) monitors. Sometime I’m sorry I did because now the relatives are flooding me with emails and questions.

  3. Hope this rumor is true. The best reason is that it’s good to see Apple updating a line just 2 months after bumping it up before. Apple needs to get off this cycle of waiting 6-9 months before updating a Mac line, especially if the update is relatively minor like more standard RAM.

    Mac sales are on a roll, so Apple’s really going to have to step up with more frequent updates to keep things fresh. We all know the PowerBook G5 will probably never see the light of day, but come on. There’s still plenty of improvements Apple can make to the PowerBook G4, but it gets ridiculous when Apple takes 9 months or whatever to add more memory or put in a faster hard drive.

    Every 2 months is probably too frequent, but once every 4 months for EVERY Mac product line would be nice. One major update a year and 2 minor bumps would be nice.

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