The resurrection of Steve Jobs

“One morning, about a year ago, a doctor told Steve Jobs that a cancerous tumour in his pancreas would kill him within months, and that it was time to start saying his goodbyes. Later that night, an endoscopy revealed that the tumour could be cut out. But for one day Mr Jobs, the boss of Apple Computer, as well as Pixar, the world’s most successful animation studio, stared death in the face,” The Economist reports. “The experience seems to have invigorated him. Last week, gaunter but otherwise undiminished, he was on a stage in San Francisco, putting on a show (for that is what Apple product launches are) that was as flashy and dynamic as any as he has ever thrown.”

“For Mr Jobs, the product launch seemed mainly to be an opportunity to drive home the message that his hold on downloaded and portable music now seems overwhelming. iTunes sells 2m songs a day and has a world market share of 82%—Mr Jobs reckons that it is the world’s second-largest internet store, behind only Amazon. And the iPod has a market share of 74%, with 22m sold. For a man who helped launch the personal-computer era in 1976 with the Apple I, but then had to watch Microsoft’s Bill Gates walk away with, in effect, the monopoly on PC operating systems (Apple’s market share in computers today is less than 3%), this must be some vindication,” The Economist reports.

“The digerati in Silicon Valley, Redmond (Microsoft), Tokyo (Sony), Seoul (Samsung) and other places now simply take it for granted that Mr Jobs has a top-secret conveyor belt that will keep churning out best-selling wonders like the iPod… Hollywood and music studios are also increasingly frightened. The music studios, which barely took him seriously when he launched iTunes in 2001, are sick of his power and are pressuring him to change his 99-cents-per-song flat rate for music. Slim chance. Disney, a long-time partner of Pixar whom Mr Jobs broke with when he got tired of its former boss, is now trying to worm its way back into his favour… for somebody famous in large part for a spectacular defeat—to Bill Gates and Microsoft—all this must feel like a new lease of life, in every respect.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Steve Jobs and Apple and the Mac are still here decades later. And they’ve done so with their own hardware and the world’s most advanced operating system, also their own. No other company besides Apple has pulled this off during the dark ages of the Microsoft hegemony. Only Apple survives and thrives.

If you want “spectacular defeat,” look at Commodore, Packard Bell, Osborne, Digital, Wang, and the rest of a seemingly endless list, not Steve Jobs’ Apple Computer. Apple sells over 1.1 million Mac units every 90 days. Apple’s Mac unit sales are growing at more than double the overall industry rate. Apple’s Mac platform has tens of millions of users. That’s a “spectacular defeat?” On what planet? You want a “spectacular defeat?” You’ll have to wait a bit longer, but it will come, and not upon Jobs, but at the hands of Jobs. Some are about to learn that Karma’s a bitch.

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  1. Oh and all the doom & gloom articals I have read over the years, dang im glad I love APPLE COMPUTER!!!

    Maybe some of these people will see the light.

    I have converted many PC users to Mac users, once
    you go Mac you never go back.

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

    Apple Forever

  2. On a side note…

    Tonight I have read a number of positive Appl-related articles, seen two iPod commercials, and seen the Cingular/iTunes commercial at least twice. This is SOOOO not a few years ago!

  3. Let face it, Steve Jobs is the drive for innovation in the computing industry.

    He’s a natural hunter, always honing his weapons and finding better ways to take down his prey.

    Microsoft, Dell, HP and the rest are simply farmers, they will take a little improvement but eventually just settle down and do nothing forever if it wasn’t for a hunter waiting to kill them and steal all their crops.

    If I was a investor in Apple stock, I would buy now and sell right before Christmas.

    Why? People are going to do a big spending fling for the Holidays and then the costs of fuel, Iraq, Katrina, national debt, bankrupt airlines, inflation is going to take it’s toll next year or everyone.

    I fully expect Bush to announce a tax increase during the new year.

  4. I agree with MDNs take. The fact that Apple survived the dark expansion of the Microsoft Hegemony through unfair business practices speaks volumes. Apple had to be so good that people stuck with it even though Microsoft produced a cheap knock off copy of its operating system that was “good enough” and resulted in commodity machines being sold that were a quite a bit cheaper than what was then being sold by Apple.

    Apple hung on until Steve Jobs could return to the helm with his vision and maximum innovation and marketing genius. The original “crazy one” if you will, who was not afraid to “think different” and take big chances. Now we have OS X based on Unix, the various incarnations of the iMac, the iPod and ITMS, and next year will be moving to Intel chips to stay at the cutting edge in hardware (especially in notebooks). What’s next? Who knows! But you can be sure that there is a better than even chance that it will be Insanely Great.

  5. The writer fails to mention that Steve wasn’t even with the company during the era when Apple really got trampled by Microsoft. Apple’s “spectacular defeat” falls on the heads of the CEOs that were there when Steve wasn’t. Steve’s defeat was really at the hands of John Sulley. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

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