Do you have an Apple packaging fetish, too?

“Gary Ian Reich remembers his first time in lurid detail: The struggle to get home, how he fumbled with the outer layers, his delight with what was concealed, the many lingering caresses in the ecstatic aftermath,” Pete Mortensen writes for Wired News. “Seven years later, it’s hard to describe the 34-year-old photographer from Annapolis, Maryland, as anything but an addict.”

“OK, you could call him a geek, too. Since that first primal moment, Reich has had many more ‘packaging experiences.’ He’s one of the legions of Macintosh and iPod users for whom the elegance of the user interface begins with the bold graphics and sleek texture of the box the new machine comes in. It’s in the smell and the way the box logically reveals each new component just as the user needs it. And, like the famously long-lived Apple Computer products they carry, these aesthetic outer wrappings have a habit of sticking around,” Mortensen writes.

“Legions of Mac users take pictures. Apple users have a particular fascination with online photo galleries of other users unwrapping the latest company products, often with a smiling model performing the geek striptease one USB cable at a time,” Mortensen writes. “Such galleries occasionally pop up for other tech products, but with less staying power. Photos of an iBook opening, on the other hand, can circulate on the net for years.”

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Uh, oh. We just glanced around our palatial headquarters and see several boxes that are what could only really be termed “on display.” There are multiple boxes for multiple versions on Mac OS X, of course, many Apple software boxes, at least three iPod boxes for various models, a couple of Mighty Mouse boxes (why we need duplicates is beyond us, but we do – and, no, we’re not throwing them out), Airport Base Stations, Apple displays, and boxes for Power Macs, iMacs, and PowerBooks, to name just a sample. Curiously, the packaging for the likes of Samsung monitors, Epson scanners, HP printers, Belkin USB hubs, etc. are nowhere to be found. Yikes! Do you have an Apple packaging fetish, too?


  1. they aren’t on display, but they are the only packaging boxes that I save. But that’s because unlike most computer electronics, Apple products hold their value, and I know that there’s a good chance I can sell them on ebay if I need too.

  2. whilst waiting for my new powerbook to be delivered i would trawl the net looking for galleries of ‘powerbook unwrapping’ – and they were out there!!!

    when it finally arrived i got a couple of friends over and unboxed it very very very very slowly…

    its cr-rr-r-r-r-r-rrr–r-r-r-rrr-azy!!

  3. Nothing quite beats the packaging for the 3rd generation iPod. It was the most complete package ever.

    belt clip case
    black carrying bag
    firewire cable

    Too bad they’ve had to cut corners… It was a complete user experience opening up that box. The nano bag is a nice touch though…

  4. Hi, my name is Shawn *pause for group retort* and I, too, am an Apple packaging addict.
    I have two mouse boxes (one white Apple pro, one black Mighty Mouse) attached to my corkboard next to my design station.
    They just look like they should be on display. They deserve the attention and affection. Who am I to deny them a proper presentation?

  5. c´mon, who doesn´t have the boxes for all their electronic equipment? you keep it in case you have to take it back and then you forget it.
    and then you continue to keep it so that when you sell it on ebay you can say it has its original box…and easier to pack and ship that way.

    this is not special for apple packaging.

  6. Yes, I to keep my Apple boxes and have just taken pictures and loaded them onto my ipod nano. The Apple packaging is just very classy. I cant see myself keeping and taking pictures of a Dell box (or the computer either).
    A year ago someone posted unwrapping photos of his G5 on the web, and he included a picture of the Fed Ex guy taking it off the truck!


  7. I work for a small publishing company that’s been around since 1970. They have most of the packaging from all the Apple/Mac products they’ve ever bought (a bunch) sitting in various closets and such around the place. I’ve always wanted to gather it all together and take some pics.

    I still hav the packaging from all of the stuff I’ve personally bought. I hate to say it, but the iPod and iSight boxes are on display, so are the software boxes. I had some empty shelves, and they fill them nicely. Plus, I paid for it, so I might as well use it.

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