MacReporter 2 released

Daedale has announced the release of MacReporter 2. MacReporter pioneered the desktop news reading market for Mac OS X back in 2001. It allowed users to quickly get notified when new articles were published on their favorite web sites, and read those articles without having to navigate deep inside web sites. It used a very simple yet unobtrusive Dock menu based interface, and remained silent when nothing was worth mentioning so that you could go on with your daily duties.

Over the years, desktop news reading became a big phenomenon, seeing the rise of standards such as RSS and Atom. Since it debuted while those standards where still in their infancy, MacReporter had been using its own way of proceeding, allowing it to fetch news from just any site, not only the web sites that provided RSS feeds, which was pretty powerful for the time being.

Daedale’s next-generation MacReporter gives you full power over the ever-increasing mass of available information.

Main features include:
– Full support for RSS, Atom, Backslash & HTML feeds.
– All-new user interface sporting an advanced article browser.
– Smart News Feeds: Display articles matching your habits and expectations.
– Recent articles: You read about it but you can\’t find where it is anymore? MacReporter will show it to you.
– Articles search: Instantaneously find the articles you are looking for.
– News Feeds Search: Discover sites matching your tastes using keywords.
– Articles sharing: Let your friends or colleagues know about the latest pieces of news.
– Hot news: outline important articles to either share them or keep them at hand until you don\’t need them anymore.
– Highly customizable user interface to get the news you want, the way you want it.
– One-click subscription to feeds directly from your favorite web browser.
– Dock Control: Read all your news using the Dock just like you did in MacReporter 1!

MacReporter 2 is a shareware. It requires any computer running Mac OS X 10.3.9 (Panther), and is fully compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger).

More information (full description and version history, pricing details, etc.) is available here.


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