Apple Computer shares hit new all-time high

Shares of Apple Computer, Inc. (AAPL) today hit a new all-time high of $51.40, up $0.09, or 0.18% on volume of 16,139,718.

Apple previous all-time high was $51.31, set at market close last Friday.

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  1. The bulk of my AAPL shares have an average price of $20 per share, but I’m happy that I picked up a bunch more at $46.

    If the stock drops below $50, then I think I might accumulate some more. The ROKR is going to have minimal short-term impact on Apple’s finances. It’s real value is long-term because in 12-18 months, the ROKR will be given away for free with a contract. That will expose millions of people to iTMS, which already has 10 million credit cards on file.

    Short-term, the nano is the real gold. It’s quite possible that with the nano, Apple is going to sell 10+ million iPods in the holiday quarter. Mac sales will no doubt be along for the ride, too. With that kind of strong and quite unblievable growth, it seems quite reasonable that AAPL will shoot up to $60 and beyond by the end of January.

  2. What about all those discontinued iPod Minis I have piled up in my storeroom? Of course now that they have been discontinued they will be marked down and sell even better, 10 million+ iPods next quarter!!!!

    No FUD here, except for the competition!

  3. I think one thing that struck me about the Special Event was that Steve Jobs seemed to make special emphasis on the fact that the nano was immediately available in quantity.

    If you think about it, it’s quite obvious. Samsung and Toshiba (yes, the 2 GB nano actually uses Toshiba chips, as was documented by Ars Technica in today’s nano review) can crank out flash chips in much, much greater volumes than a hard drive maker can crank out minature hard drives.

    Remember when the mini first debuted, it instantly sold out? The main reason was that the factory only had an annual production capacity of 100,000 for the new 0.8 inch hard drives. It took months for them to ramp up the volume, and it was more than a year before supply caught up with volume.

    With flash memory, Apple could easily by 1 or 2 million memory chips right off the bat, meaning the nano’s supply should keep up with demand. And that means a better bottom line for Apple.

  4. Wintel-opoly thats a good one. Maybe business week can resurect their famous cover “Death of an Icon” for the occasion. Of course they’ll have to change the logo from the rainbow to the current candy-colored one.

  5. Dvorak’s Column has an interesting rant:

    “Then the company can finally do what it does best—copy Apple. It can come out with Microsoft Vista OS-XP Special Edition. This would be a version that looked and felt exactly like OS-X just in case OS-X for the x86 gets into the wild and starts impinging on the Microsoft turf. Microsoft can say it’s already been there and done that with OS-XP.”

    This all assumes that Vista actually ships someday soon.

  6. Almost all of mine were purchased at $8.50 (Adjust for split)


    The really hard part for me right now is trying to figure out when to sell. Paper profits don’t do me any good.

    The big buzz in the Tech industry right now is Apple increasing market share and Microsoft dropping. Along with Microsoft dropping, so will Dell.


    Microsoft hasn’t dropped, it just hasn’t done anything really.

  7. “Almost all of mine were purchased at $8.50 (Adjust for split)”

    Investor, that’s totally awesome. That means that you’ve been holding onto that stock for several years since it’s been that long since Apple was price at $17/share (pre-split).

    I’d have to agree with your comment about paper profits doing no good. I had some AAPL stock that was priced at $6.50 per share (split-adjusted), but sold that last year to take some money off the table.

    Warren Buffet has said a $5 profit is still a profit. Since you’ve obviously have held on to the stock for more than a year, the most prudent decision is to sell off a small portion now, while the stock is at an all-time high, and hold on to the rest. At least that’s what I would do. Otherwise, no matter how good the company is, you might as well be gambling and going all in the whole time.

  8. Yea Steve Ballmer could stalk Steve Jobs at his house and throw a chair at him, killing him like he threatened to kill the CEO of Google.

    That would make the stock of Apple take a nosedive, it will recover once the shock wore off, but eventually as new innovations didn’t come out of Apple under Steve’s leadership the stock would die and then we will all have to bow down to the Redmond beast, submitting our poor Mac’s to be burned in the fiery pit of hell while the devil Gates laughs at us for resisting his will.

    Borg we will become.

    Resistance is futile, we will be assimilated.

    MDN Word: “Closed” like the lights out in my head closed

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