Apple’s Steve Jobs predicts ultra-thin iPod nano ‘will become the highest volume iPod in the world’

Apple today “unveiled the iPod nano, a super-thin MP3 player that will replace the iPod mini and begins shipping today,” Therese Poletti reports for The Mercury News. “‘Today we’re doing something pretty bold. This thing is thinner than a No. 2 pencil,’ crowed Jobs, who pulled the newest iPod from a small pocket in his blue jeans. ‘My prediciton is this will become the highest volume iPod in the world.'”

Poletti reports, “The nano, which weighs 1.5 ounces, roughly the weight of eight quarters. It is 80 percent smaller in volume than the original iPod and one-third the size of the current mini. A 4-gigabyte model that holds 1000 songs will cost $249. A 2-gigabyte version that holds 500 songs will cost $199. It also has a color screen and shows photos.”

“Jobs gave fresh statistics on the lead Apple’s iTunes commands on the digital music scene. The iTunes Music Store has sold more than a billion songs so far, and has an 82 percent share of the U.S. digital music market, and 80 percent of the U.K. market,” Poletti reports. “About 10 million people have iTunes accounts linked to their credit cards, Jobs said, and and customers spend an average of $60 per year in the store. He boasted that iTunes is now one of the largest online music marketplaces, second only to”

Full article here.

Advertisement: Apple iPod nano. 1,000 songs. Impossibly small. From $199. Free shipping.
Jobs’ crystal ball appears to be in perfect working order. Poletti’s report must have meant to state, “The iTunes Music Store has sold more than half a billion songs so far.”

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  1. I just gotta get me one of those, they are by far the sweetest music device ever invented, bar NONE.

    The only thing I’m worried about is losing it by dropping it through the slot of my piggy bank!

  2. “”About 10 million people have iTunes accounts linked to their credit cards, Jobs said, and and customers spend an average of $60 per year in the store.”
    If an exploit for the Mac is coming… this will be the target.

  3. I want one but it sucks that they are phasing out Firewire. USB 2.0 may be “good enough” but Mac users are used to settling for “good enough”

    One thing that might be difficult to implement but which would greatly add to the fashion accessory element would be to have the screen flip 180 when it is hanging up side down from the lanyard. That way you could display the artwork of the song you are currently listening to which would be way cool.

    But all complaints aside it is a very beautifully designed piece of machinery and they are gonna sell these by the boatload.

    MW = “volume”

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