Anticipation builds over Apple Computer’s media event later today

“Speculation continued to flitter around Silicon Valley about what new device or technology Apple Computer Inc. would spring on the public at an eagerly awaited news conference Wednesday,” Greg Sandoval reports for The Associated Press. “Few companies know how to ratchet up anticipation like Apple. Last week, the company issued a terse and cryptic e-mail to journalists notifying them that it would make an announcement but then refused to tell them anything more.”

“That was enough to draw lots of fanfare… Even his archrivals would concede that Jobs is a savvy showman who knows how to build suspense. Already, the hoopla over the news conference is paying off, as Apple shares climbed 5 percent, or $2.47 cents, in afternoon trading Tuesday to reach a 52-week high of $48.81,” Sandoval reports. “But is this a case of Apple manipulating the public or does the company’s stranglehold on the digital-music industry demand that attention be paid to Apple no matter what?”

Sandoval reports, “Nobody would care about such publicity stunts if the company didn’t back them up with strong products, said Susan Kevorkian an analyst with research firm IDC. ‘There is always uncertainty around Apple’s announcements,’ Kevorkian said. ‘If it is big news we want to be prepared. And if it’s not we still want to be there because they are such a major player in the MP3 and music-playing markets.'”

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  1. Luckily I always wear my tinfoil hat while I listen to my iPod so I won’t get brainwashed or possesed by aliens. It does seem a strange coincidence that “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” used pods to turn people into aliens and now Steve Jobbs has come up with iPods to turn us into iPeople. You have been warned!!!

  2. MacDude:

    Sorry to poke holes in your theory … here is the text from the contest rules:

    17. Prizes: One prize will be given for the winning entry. The Grand Prize is one (1) Apple Video iPod (Approximate Retail Value (“ARV”) is $800). No prize substitution or cash redemption allowed by winner(s). Prize(s) are not transferable. Taxes are the sole responsibility of each winner. Sponsor reserves the right to substitute prize with similar prize of equal or greater value due to prize unavailability. If Apple does not release a Video iPod for retail purchase by December 31, 2005 at 11:59 PM EST, the winner will receive a non-negotiable prize of Creative Technologies’ Zen Vision Portable media player (ARV is $399.99). If prize, prize notification or attempted notification is returned undeliverable, prize will be forfeited and may be awarded to an alternate winner. By entering and/or by accepting the prize, you agree (where permitted by law) to use of your name and likeness for publicity purposes without further compensation. Unclaimed prizes may not be awarded. One prize per person.

  3. The rumor sites all agree. Just the Motorola (NOT Apple) phone. Apple HAS to hype this partnership with Moto or it will never fly. That’s it.

    New iPods will come soon also, but not until some time later. This year (duh) but not at the Expo in Paris since the keynote was cancelled. But hey, maybe sooner than the Expo!

    New Macs will come “when they are ready” (talk to Freescale/IBM) and they won’t be all that exciting changes… until next year (= Intel).

    Tiger’s great anyway so no biggie. Macs will sell just great for the holidays.

  4. I’d agree it’s just the Motorola ROKR. Possibly updated iPods mini/shuffles, but that would lose focus so it’s doubtful.

    And the keynote was cancelled because minor speed bumps to a couple of Macs and bigger iPods just ain’t worthy of having the Steve stand up and introduce them.

  5. Jobs will walk out on stage buck naked, declaring that HE is the true mushroom god. Then he will reveal the product that will save the US economy from Reagenomics, once again. Oops, forgot, oil is flirting $70 a barrel, and this coming winter looks like a cold one. The Environment catches up with the Republican policy. Can’t have everything. Good-bye beautiful world.

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