Donate to The American Red Cross Hurricane 2005 Relief fund to help Hurricane Katrina victims

Victims of Hurricane Katrina are attempting to recover from the massive storm. American Red Cross volunteers have been deployed to the hardest hit areas of Katrina’s destruction, supplying hundreds of thousands victims left homeless with critical necessities. By making a financial gift to Hurricane 2005 Relief, the Red Cross can provide shelter, food, counseling and other assistance to those in need.

Call The American Red Cross at 1-800-HELP-NOW or make a contribution of US$5 or more here:

You can also donate via Apple’s iTunes Music Store. Click here to launch iTunes and donate.
MacDailyNews and iPodDailyNews staff weathered four hurricanes between 1996-1999 (Hurricane Bertha, Hurricane Fran, Hurricane Bonnie, Hurricane Floyd) while living in Wilmington, NC and Surf City, NC. Direct hits, all of them. We know from personal experience that tempers can flare as people await the chance to return home to find out what hurricanes have wrought. Try to have patience and help each other.

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  1. </step on soapbox>
    America – the model country that the rest of the world needs to emulate:
    – so many too poor to leave New Orleans, so get killed or become homeless
    – then they aren’t offered housing by the rich unaffected states up north, only until their homes can be repaired
    – then they can’t buy food for their kids because the electricity is off, shops are closed and ATMs aren’t working so they have to steal to feed their kids
    – so the police are told to ‘shoot to kill’ the poor and homeless
    – the army can’t help in large enough numbers, because they’re occuped ‘elsewhere’
    – the president visits only four days later and acts by helping lower the gas prices?!! [I don’t mean to get political, only query the priorities]

    People, we need compassion, open your homes and wallets to those in need, the poor, the homeless, the smelly and dirty ones who’ve lost loved ones and everything they own, making yourself richer by becoming a few dollars poorer. I intend to. Now THIS would be worth emulating around the world… </step off soapbox>

  2. So what should you do when your people are suffering horrifically?

    It’s all those perfectly healthy folks who chose to remain before the storm hit that are overloading the relief system.

    Answer: send in troops with a shoot-to-kill policy!

    They wouldn’t have to shoot to kill if people didn’t take advantage of the situation and disrupt relief efforts by shooting at helicopters and doctors trying to help them.

    Another classic day in the life of George Wanker Bush.

    Well congradulations, your idioic rant just made up my mind to vote for the person you’ll bash the next election.

    And in closing I would like to remind you of a important comment

    Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” – John F. Kennedy

  3. If I rememebr right, there was several days notice the hurricane was approaching.

    As a last resort, a healthy human can easily walk 10-20 miles in a day if needed too.

    A lot more people could have left if they applied the effort, right now they are spending that effort shooting, looting, grave robbing, raping, living like animals and complaining for their own stupid decisions.

    When you live in a city 12 feet below sea level surrounded by water and leeves and a hurricane approaches, you take what you can and leave.

    Most of those people have no one to blame but themselves.

    The City of New Orleans will have to be abandonded, start walking.

  4. One can dowload airael pictures of New Orleans here

    Looks like to me that most of the poor residential areas are hit the worse, guess the zoning board, the governor, contractors and buisness developers are rubbing their hands in glee right now.

    The Supreme Court just ruled City’s can take people’s property if it’s in the interest of development.

    I’m guessing a lot of apartment buildings and new commercial buildings will be going up where those houses are.

    Naturally they will be several feet above sea level, great chance to fill in the “soup bowl” up quite a bit.

  5. God, stop the damn spin already. No one has ordered troops to kill people looting for food and water. In fact, there have been reported instances of police and troops overseeing such “looting” to feed the starving and thirsty.

    The “shoot-to-kill” order refers to those scumbags roaming the city with weapons, shooting people at random, raping women and children, and sniping at hospital workers attempting to evacuate patients.

    And as everyone in charge must have anticipated, these dregs of humanity are crass cowards, so the arrival of the National Guard troops has made them vanish. There will be no mass shootings.

  6. “Answer: send in troops with a shoot-to-kill policy!”

    Do you have a better way to stop all-out anarchy? Somehow I don’t think that handing out flowers and asking everyone to be nice will be very effective. There are times when the only way to restore order is through sheer suppression. I fully support the authorities’ use of “any means necessary” if that’s what it takes.

    “Another classic day in the life of George Wanker Bush.”

    I will say the disaster response has had the rotten smell of… politics. When so many are dead and dying, there’s no place for political BS. When this is over, I pray there’s a severe audit of the response, so we don’t have any “mishandling” in the future.

  7. From: Toby Anstis

    “So what should you do when your people are suffering horrifically? Answer: send in troops with a shoot-to-kill policy! Another classic day in the life of George Wanker Bush.”

    Toby, I live in New Orleans. I have lost my house, my job, and nearly lost members of my family.

    You are a stupid, ignorant asshole. StFU.

  8. “Bring God back to this country and pray He’ll show us the way.”

    Since you have opened it up for discussion: Where was God when the hurricane was coming? I for one think there is too much “God” in this country. If you personally get some satisfaction from your faith then good for you. However, if there is a God that allows “natural disasters” and all the other destruction around the world then I am very comfortable not following him.

  9. My mother got air lifted from the roof of her apartment complex Thursday afternoon by a coast guard helicopter. She had been surviving in her apartment with no Power, running water or a working phone for almost 4 days (she is a resourceful woman). She was one of many tens if not hundreds of thousands in the city with no means of escape once it was known how bad Katrina was going to be. Until I heard from her Thursday night, I did not know how she was or what she had been going through.

    Leaving the city in a crisis situation is much more difficult than people realize – there are only so many highways out (and remember the city is surrounded by bodies of water and a vast marsh land – so walking out, as pete suggested, would be idiotic during a coming hurricane), and even the people with transportation were on the highways in a dangerous parking lot of people panicking to get out of the city before they would run out of gas. Many people that chose to stay because they knew the situation on the highways was bad, and have already weathered out countless storms in New Orleans over the years (several this year in fact).

    Having grown up in New Orleans, I can tell you that the growing racial and economic disparity there was bound to crack open for all to see at some point – it’s just a shame that it had to happen at a time of crisis. But I do believe that the same tensions exist in most American urban cities these days, and don’t think that because New Orleans is one of the poorer cities in the US that if a period of crisis occured in any other city that similar events would not take place – they would.

    The rich are getting richer, the poor masses are continuing to grow in number, while the middle class is slowly dissapearing in the US. Believe it.

    People that have been powerless for generations are taking this opportunity to seize power – even if it is temporary. Chaos continues while State and Federal aid slowly trickles into the city. It is frustrating beyond words, but honestly – it’s hardly surprising what is going on there.

    If you have ever lived in New Orleans you know what I’m saying is true – if you have visited, you have probably seen the happy tourist side of the city, but to live there you get a sense of how dangerous it actually is, and which parts of the city you would never venture into for your own safety (this is true of many US cities – Washington DC, Houston, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, Miami etc.)

    Best wishes to those who might also have family and friends still trapped in this crazy situation – hopefully they will be able to get out soon.

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