Apple Mac experience better than Windows PCs for Forbes columnist

“Apple provides OS X users a slick feature called Setup Assistant, which lets you move everything from an old machine to a new one quickly and painlessly. Switching from one Windows machine to another is a time-wasting, teeth-gritting task. You can transfer your files and some settings relatively easily, but thanks to unintelligent design, you generally have to reinstall your software, which can create any number of headaches–even if you can find the original disks you need to do the job,” Stephen Manes writes for Forbes. “…new Macs urge you to use their Software Update program right away. Windows machines have so many update options that you can’t be sure when, how, or even if updating will happen–though you can be sure you need it when you start your new machine and at least once a month thereafter, and you can expect a productivity-sapping reboot will be involved… as we trade horror stories, those of us who write about these matters for a living repeatedly ask each other: If we can’t figure this stuff out, how can people who don’t want to become techheads hope to get it right?”

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MacDailyNews Take: The full article is worth a read, if only to see how Manes jumps through hoops to find something, anything wrong with the Mac while giving nice accounts of Windows PCs’ many problems. Manes’ best Mac “problem” was when he tried to use the Help system for iMovie, its screens came up blank (an issue we’ve never encountered). After “some floundering and fiddling,” he reports that he got them to deliver the information for which he’d been looking. His Windows PCs fared much worse, ranging from a Dell with an onboard surround-sound system that wouldn’t work and that Windows wouldn’t recognize, to an HP with Media Center software that twice “froze so hard” he had to resort to holding down the power button to restart the computer both times.


  1. This is a misdirection move on behalf of Apple operatives. Everyone knows that the real IT world insists on counter-productive data exchange in order to prevent confidential information loss to competitors. The Mac method of open and trouble-free file sharing will be its undoing, for when Vista arrives both the IT professional and the end user will be witness to some of the most amazing and forward-thinking security features yet known to man. This will of course lead to the Defense Department rightly categorizing all Windows Vista PC’s as true supercomputers.


  2. This is truly amazing to see. Forbes is read by influential people.

    You can’t buy this sort of publicity if you wanted to. I think that, after a couple of years of this constant haranguing of Windows in the media, Apple’s share of the computer market will have to increase by at least 5 percentage points. Probably more. Not to mention the imploding that Vista is bound to do — whenever the hell it’s finally released. I mean, can you imagine the impact on Microsoft if most reviews of Vista end up being negative, or even just lukewarm?

    That’s good for my stock portfolio.

  3. This “report” is a joke. Everyone who knows anything about real computers knows that Windows is the ultimate platform for (%# any computing task. No matter if y (*(* ou’re backing up tera –*– ytes of data, editing a mot ttttttttttttt ion picture, creating massive websites, or just writ pfzzzzzzz–@* ing viruses — Windows can’t be touched -touched -touched -touched -touched -tou#$$#$$$$#####. And Vista will only cement Microsoft’s SHIT!@SHIT!@ reputation as GIGO ******* the world leader in computing ing ing ing ing ing ing –insert line break here^%#%#^*#% when it’s released next year year year year year year year year year year year year. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Windows Explorer has encountered a problem and must shut down. . . . . . .


  4. I don’t think he realizes that most of the Mac help features are online. He was getting the starting empty white window that you see while it is downloading the info. And I think he was blowing smoke with his “floundering and fiddling,” comment. He clicked something and thought that some action of his brought up the content when actually it had just finished loading.

  5. ABQ Peter said:

    “the window for help comes up blank on my various macs quite often”

    The reason is that often the Help system needs to download the latest help pages over the internet. So if your internet access is off or slow at the time of requesting help, a blank screen may appear. A ‘feature’ more than a bug!

  6. Jack:
    My thoughts exactly! “floundering and fiddling” must be tech writer jargon for “I don’t know what the hell I did but it worked”. A real tech person would have given the solution.

    MW: Before
    As in: Before “floundering and fiddling” know what you are doing.

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