Apple posts support article: iTunes unable to import copy-protected audio discs

Apple has posted a support article, “iTunes: Unable to import copy-protected audio discs.”

Symptom: iTunes is unable to import (“rip”) tracks from certain audio discs that have a copy protection system.

Products affected: iTunes, iPod

1. Make sure you can import tracks from other audio CDs with your optical drive. If you can import tracks from other CDs, make sure the disc is clean and free from debris and scratches.
2. If the disc contains additional multimedia, the disc may have been created in a way that does not allow the audio portion to be imported into iTunes. You should contact the manufacturer of the disc for additional assistance with these types of discs.
3. Certain audio discs may contain copyright protection mechanism that prevent users who do not have appropriate rights from reproducing the contents of the discs on other media. You should contact the manufacturer of the audio disc for information on the type of disc provided.

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  1. Although I have not tried it myself, I have heard numerous reports that this DRM is only effective for windoze versions of iTunes. If you are on a Mac you can rip with no problem – at least for now.

    Yet another reason to buy a Mac.

  2. I believe that iTunes (and iPods) are so popular these days that the record companies should be required to put a big sticker on their CD that says “This CD will not work with iTunes”. That way, if I want to buy one then I’ll know better. I never even really listen to CDs anymore. I put the CD into my Mac, rip to iTunes & put it on my iPod.

  3. If you’ve really got to have the music, and it’s rip-protected, just get yourself a copy of WireTap Pro from Ambrosia Software. Then … play the song through your Mac’s sound system, recording it into a quicktime file. Then drop the quicktime file into iTunes.

    MDN Magic Word: involved … as in, it’s not an involved process.

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