Apple’s iPod shine dims beleaguered Creative Technology’s outlook

“Creative Technology Ltd., whose Nomad and Zen MP3 players aim to compete with Apple’s iPod, probably swung to a quarterly loss and wrote off unsold stock, after consumer demand softened and stiff competition hit margins. Singapore-based Creative also suffered in the September quarter as Apple Computer Inc. cut prices by up to 20 percent to clear excess stockpiles, and analysts said Creative’s fundamentals are likely to worsen,” Jennifer Tan reports for Reuters.

“CLSA Asia-Pacific Markets analyst Atul Goyal who has set a 12-month price target of S$7.40, more than 40 [percent] below Friday’s closing price of S$12.90, estimated that Creative’s stockpiles stood at $451 million, or six months’ of sales. ‘Given the short product life-cycle for MP3 players, we believe a large part of this inventory is bound for a write-off,’ he added. Creative’s gross margin probably shrunk to below 20 percent in the June quarter, from 32.9 percent in the year-ago period, and compared with Apple’s iPod margin of around 20 percent, analysts said,” Tan reports.

“Last month, Apple beat expectations with quarterly profit jumping five-fold to $320 million. Revenue surged 75 percent to $3.52 billion. Creative has produced some of the strongest contenders to the iPod, but Apple still leads the disk-drive music player market. Analysts estimate it has about 60-70 percent market share, compared with up to a quarter for Creative… Creative Chief Executive Sim Wong Hoo pledged $100 million in worldwide marketing spending this year and promised to out-market its rivals, but analysts are sceptical that Creative has the resources to effectively compete against the bigger players. The stock has fallen 26 percent in the last 12 months, underperforming Apple shares which have nearly trebled in the same period,” Tan reports.

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  1. “Based on which hardware? “Short” relative to what?”

    The product cycle for consumer electronics being short. Apple changes the iPod line in less than 12 month cyclists. The folks trying to compete with the iPod have been changing their products more often trying to find the right mix.

  2. I’d like to point out that the real crusher for Creative is that they *really* screwed up estimates of demand for their competing MP3 products. Gauging demand for a new product is one of the hardest things to do in the modern market-place.

    Just something to keep in mind the next time Apple introduces a product and then promptly runs low as their pipeline empties prematurely. As a stockholder, I’d prefer they underestimate the demand rather than overestimating it and having to send 10 million units to a garbage heap somewhere in Taiwan.

  3. ” The folks trying to compete with the iPod have been changing their products more often trying to find the right mix.”

    They all have the same achillies heel. They don’t control the other end of the equation, which is the interface for managing the device. Therefore, they offer only half the solution.

    Until competitors realize that it’s the combination of iPod PLUS iTunes, they will always deliver a substandard solution.

    I am officially calling Creative’s CEO Sum Wong Ding Dong

    MW ‘talk’ as in the full solution for a digital music player must be good software that will effectively talk to the device.

  4. Sometimes you’re right… sometimes you’re Wong.

    MW: army… okay now I just KNOW these words are categorized and a given “subject” is chosen for each article so that the MW encourages silly posts based on wordplay. “Army” in an article about Creative’s “war” with Apple.

  5. I’ll never forgive Creative… Years ago they used anti-competeitve practices, and illegitimate law-suits (which they lost) to put a competitor with far superior technology, Aureal, out of business. In the end, Aureal had no choice but to sell off their assets and technology and Creative bought it up, and prompt buried everything to stick with their far inferior software based technology, which incidentally was predominatly Windows oriented.

    Screw the Singapore bastards! Screw em to hell!

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