remakes online ‘Switch’ section (and quotes Windows IT Pro’s Paul Thurrott)

“But in a world where spyware is only the most recent attempt at tearing down the House of Windows, I’m beginning to wonder whether the alternatives don’t make some sense,” Paul Thurrott, Windows IT Pro

The above is just one blurb, albeit from a source that some might wish that Apple would ignore, from’s newly-redesigned “Switch” web pages.

Apple’s new “Switch” page states, “Simply take a Mac out of its box, plug it in and start surfing, working or rocking. And when you want to add something new — such as a digital camera or iPod — you just plug it in and start using it. Too good to be true? No, the Mac is exactly that good.”

Apple’s new “Switch” section is organized into 10 “reasons” for choosing a Mac:
It just works: Want a crash course on the Mac? Lesson 1: It doesn’t crash. Built by the same folks who designed its rock-solid operating system and its award-winning applications, the Mac always starts up and never lets you down.
Picture-perfect photos: If every picture tells a story, you’ll live happily ever after with your new Mac. Plug in your camera and the Mac does the rest, helping you import, edit, share and organize your photos faster than you can say “cheese.”
Home movies in HD: With a Mac, you get an editing suite, a special effects house and a state-of-the-art cinema all in one package. From recording your HD masterpiece to burning it to DVD, a Mac grants you auteur status.
Join the party: Buy a Mac and you become part of the solution. The Apple experience includes top-rated service online, in our retail stores and via telephone. Plus, you join a worldwide network of Mac users, happy to share their stories.
It does Windows: Your Mac may soon seem like your digital oasis, but that doesn’t make you an island. You’ll be able to connect to the office network, share Office files with colleagues, and even use many of your PC hardware devices.
As easy as iPod: Your iPod has a history. And it starts with the Mac. Intuitive interface, elegant design, seamless integration with Apple software and a hearty dose of just plain cool. If you love your iPod, you’ll love a Mac.
It’s a musical instrument: More than a place to turn up iTunes, the Mac lets you make music, too. Whether you’re recording your next big hit, burning a mix CD or podcasting your passion, you’ll be doing it all on the same computer countless pros trust.
Online streamlined: With a Mac in your corner, you can get online in minutes. And once you’re there, you might as well try all the built-in goodies — Mail, Safari, .Mac, iChat AV, AirPort and more — the Mac has to offer.
It loves road trips: Mobility means more on a Mac. Besides powering the two most appealing notebooks on the planet, iBook and PowerBook, Mac OS X Tiger gives you easy connectivity from anywhere you dare to roam.
It’s beautiful: To learn what separates an Apple computer from every other machine on the market, just open your eyes. The Mac’s design folds function into form, so the perfect computer looks the part.

Apple’s “Switch pages also feature the following information pages:
Considering a Mac
(Contains the 10 sections listed above)
Choosing a Mac
Buying a Mac
Moving Your Stuff to Mac
  – Let a Genius do it
  – iPod
  – External Drive / Burn CD
  – Move2Mac Software
  – Network
  – KVM Switch
Getting Started
  – Give me the grand tour of the Mac interface
  – Get me working and playing
  – Show me how to set up my Mac for me
  – Hook me up
  – My Mac needs help
  – My Mac Cheat Sheet

Apple has also redesigned and added new “Switch Stories” from users here.

See (and point Windows-only users towards) Apple’s new “Switch” section here.

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  1. What’s really funny is the quote from …
    “But in a world where spyware is only the most recent attempt at tearing down the House of Windows, I’m beginning to wonder whether the alternatives don’t make some sense. Paul Thurrott”

    hmm, Apple using his-toolness

  2. Favorite quote so far:

    “Note: This article provides general guidelines and tips for making your move as easy as possible. However, everybody’s experiences with Microsoft Windows are different, and some of the steps listed here may not precisely reflect your experience. You may have to consult the Microsoft Support web site or your favorite Windows guru. (After all, if it were really easy to use Windows, you might not be moving to a Mac.)

  3. I like the new pages design and updated info.

    I for one know the first switch campaign was much more of a success than a lot of people (read: armchair mac fanboy quarterbacks) think it was.

    MW since, as in, Mac user since 1988

  4. “Your toaster doesn’t crash. Your kitchen sink doesn’t crash. Why should your computer? With the industrial-strength Mac OS X, you’ll become accustomed to a computer operating system that crashes about as often as a paperback book. Which is to say almost never.”

    Haha.. I swear that line has been taken from these Mac Faithful.. i love it.. LOL

  5. I switched to Mac from Windows after getting an iPod and getting infected with a virus that really screwed my Dell. Now, I am happy and I’ll use this new Apple site for my Windows friends who are asking me about switching. Switching to Mac from Windows is like a sunny day after a dark, stormy night.

  6. I don’t find Mr. Thurrott to be a tool at all. I enjoy reading his sight and his (fairly indepth) reviews of Microsoft AND Apple products. From how I view it, he is the least biased of many tech pundits. His reviews hale both and bash both. If it’s good, it’s good. If it’s less than stellar, he points it out. I feel this kind of reviewing (also Anandtech) will only make both brands work harder to beat the other. Competition will give us next years great software, and the next, and the next…

  7. mike, I’ve got another one :

    “Oh, and Mac OS X doesn’t scream “hardware detected” every time you plug in something as basic as a keyboard. Just start typing.”

    Talk about a kick in the head to MS Windows. Gotta love it. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”LOL” style=”border:0;” />

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