Attempting and failing to duplicate Apple Mac’s iLife ‘05 functionality on Windows

“Are you envious of Mac users who get to play with cool tools? Especially the suite of tools called iLife ’05? iLife is a collection of tools that make managing your digital assets, images, and audio and video not only fun but cool,” Matthew David writes for

The iLife suite includes all these products:
• iTunes: Manages your music collection; you can also buy new music at the iTunes Store
• iPhoto: Allows you to easily manage all your digital photographs and images
• iMovie: Enables you to create nonlinear digital movies quickly and easily
• iDVD: Allows you to create professional-level quality DVDs with assets from iTunes, iPhoto, and iMovie
• Garage Band: Lets you record, mix, and manage up to four tracks of music

David writes, “The whole suite is available only for the Mac at the incredibly reasonable price of $79 (or free if you buy a Mac Mini). The suite of tools works incredibly well together. But you run Windows XP! Apple does not make a Windows version of iLife. What can you do? Fortunately, not only can you replicate what the Apple folks have but you might be able to one-up them on the functionality of some products, and others are just downright cheaper.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: David attempts to find iLife equivalents for Windows (for iTunes, he recommends Apple’s iTunes for Windows, of course; for iPhoto, he picks PhotoShop Album or Picasa; for iMovie HD, he picks Microsoft’s Movie Maker while mentioning that, “You can’t create high definition video, as iMovie ’05 can, and you are restricted to only one video and one audio layer” and; for iDVD, he picks Adobe’s $99 Premier Elements which is $20 more than Apple entire iLife suite and; for GarageBand, he writes, “Garage Band is the one tool that is hard to replicate directly on the Windows platform because the product is so unique” and ends up mentioning Audacity.

David’s “solutions” are not tightly integrated like Apple’s iLife applications, where you can seamlessly share media between all of the iLife applications. In fact, they’re not integrated at all. Somehow, David ends up concluding, “There is no need to be bummed or envious of the Mac crowd. With a little creativity, and even a frugal budget, you can follow my lead and easily emulate iLife ’05 on the Windows platform.”

David’s own piece clearly shows that one cannot “emulate iLife ’05 on Windows.” You just can’t. So, David’s article end up being an exercise in contradiction and futility. Following his suggestions will produce poor results compared to iLife; pretty much the same concept as using Windows to emulate the Mac OS. There’s the real thing and then there’s a hodgepodge trying and failing to be something from Apple. It’s fruitless (get it?).

Stop the madness! Windows users who want to do everything that iLife ’05 can do would be much better off adding a Mac mini (starts at $499) to their setup – Apple’s iLife is included, so by saving $79 users are already looking at a Mac OS X Tiger computer that starts at $420 and also comes with Spotlight, Safari, Mail, Dashboard, and on and on and on.

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  1. Some people will drive 100 miles to save a buck while spending five times what they think they’ve “saved” in the process.

    MDN MW: “tired” – as in, aren’t you tired of trying and failing to fake the Mac experiecne? Why don’t you just finally go get a real Mac?!

  2. I will write him and challenge him to make a good project on each of those programs. I will make a good project on each of the iLife Applications, then we will let the net decide.

    We’ll see if he responds

  3. “Garage Band: Lets you record, mix, and manage up to four tracks of music”

    Four tracks? Where’d he get that from?

    Comparing Audacity to GarageBand is really funny. Don’t get me wrong, Audacity is a great program, especially for free, but they just barely live in the same space. It’s like saying that iPhoto is better than Photoshop. Sure, they both have the word “Photo” in their name, but they really just barely overlap in function.

    Give it up David. It ain’t happening.

  4. OMG!! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”big surprise” style=”border:0;” /> Audacity is not even in the same category as GarageBand! That’s lame. Dumb article. What a waste of my time reading it.

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