iHome iH5 turns Apple iPod into alarm clock radio

iHome’s iH5 clock radio lets you wake up to music from your iPod, an AM/FM radio or buzzer. With its built-in iPod cradle, the iH5 charges your iPod while docked, and sports a backlit LCD screen, and line-in to connect non-docking iPods and other audio players.

The iH5 also features “Gentle Wake and Gentle Sleep,” which “gradually increases and decreases Alarm/Sleep volume for a more relaxing beginning and end to each day,” and utilizes Reason8 speaker technology to create “sound quality that has outstanding depth, clarity and power.” The iH5 works with the 3G/4G iPod, iPod mini and iPod photo.

Michelle Meyers reports for CNET, “Hammacher Schlemmer sells the clock for $99.95, and boasts its clear strontium-ferrite stereo speaker system.” Full article here.

More info and images from iHome about the iH5 here.

The “iPod Alarm Clock Radio” at Hammacher Schlemmer here.


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