Report: Motorola Apple iTunes phone ‘ROKR E1’ to launch in UK in July, US in August

“Steve Jobs is planning to drop by Motorola’s upcoming media and analyst event on July 25th where he’ll help Moto CEO Ed Zander kick off the ROKR E1, the very first iTunes phone,” Peter Rojas reports for Engadget. “…the phone will launch in the UK in July and in the US at the end of August. They also told us that the price for the E1 will be under $200 and that it will be able to store 25 songs on the phone itself (50 songs if your country does not have an iTunes store), with a 100 song upgrade available from Apple.”

Full article here.

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  1. Carl: “(50 songs if your country does not have an iTunes store)”

    Yeah, I’m joking, it’s still not crappy.

    Sounds like a backup player to me, which I would suppose how Apple would want it.

  2. Here in the UK, a phone has been launched (and is selling like hot cakes) that will render any iTunes phone like the above Motorola obsolete and pointless before it’s even launched. I refer to the Sony Ericsson K750i, which not only includes a brilliant 2Megapixel camera, a stereo FM radio and an excellent sounding MP3 player, but a slot for a 2gig Memory Stick Duo, nore than enough for most people’s mobile song collections. And all you need do to put your songs on the K750i is plug the phone into your USB port and treat the phone like a USB drive. No garden walled service required. And that folks, is the future.

  3. As a real estate agent much of my business is conducted on my cell phone. I view it as a tool for work to earn my living even though I hate phones. I resent the phone often. However, my iPod is a joy even though I keep my contacts and calendar on it for work.

    What are the odds the new phone would sync with “Contacts” so we wouldn’t have to program the phone? That would be a nice touch.

  4. wonderkid – that sounds like an awesome phone. Gots to check it out.

    But I agree with iSteve – my cell phone is a necessary evil while my iPod is a joyful peice of technology to be used anywhere and everywhere. I am a musician, and the iPod has been invauable to me when it comes to learning new tunes and sharing new recordings with friends/bandmates. I would NEVER replace my iPod with a Swiss Army Phone.

  5. …but a Swiss Army phone would be so much easier to carry than my iPod, and cell phone, and PDA, and…

    I’ll take the phone wonderkid was using, but it still needs to have Bluetooth (not just for wireless communication – but also for BT music headphones), and Wi-Fi, so it could play songs into my home network. USB connections are so Windowesque.

  6. Chris
    You really don’ want to know the answer.
    Europe “in general” has better quality TV, richer culture, more emphasis on the quality of life, better democracies, more interesting designer Etc Etc.
    Frankly the only thing I see US having is Apple, coke and Music, all 3 very important indeed BUT

    start the flames boys

  7. So this is as confirmed as July 7th, right? I mean, I wouldn’t want to get my hopes up AGAIN all for nothing. If there was an award to be given for over-hyped vaporware, the iTunes phone may well win. It’s had at least a dozen “confirmed” release/announce dates. I won’t be holding my breath.

    PS: Could the “100 song update available from Apple” consist of a horribly overpriced flash memory card? I think yes.

  8. Chris

    I have travelled the world and there are many many reasons why Europe/Asia has better cell technology but to name a few. The average consumer is considered more educated than the average US, people don’t drive as much in Europe/Asia (the number of cars/household is lower than it is here so people have higher tendencies to use their phones. In some countries of Asia home phone service is not very good so people get cell phones. They have higher population specially in Asia. Europe and Asia have less restrictive privacy laws than the US so marketers and providers have more freedom to deliver content to cell phones.

    Finally the most important reason is that they have the GSM standard for wireless communications and most providers have adopted it. In the US you have companies with different standards which makes it more difficult to deliver data from one provider to another. Hopefully the US will have higher adoption of GSM in the future.

  9. owning a landline in Europe is prohibitively expensive for most people (something to do with the socialistic governments owning the services), so the free-market cell phone industry has picked ut the ball and ran with it. Competition keeps the prices low and the innovation high, and for the most part the governments have kept out of their way (since the cell phone companies are paying incredibly high taxes anyway).

    Art and culture? Jeez, take a business course!!

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