Apple Q3 2005 Macintosh and iPod unit results

For the fiscal third quarter 2005, Apple has stated the following information regarding units sold in an 8-K filing today:

Mac desktops = 687,000 (vs. 416,000 for Q3 2004, +65%) — (608,000 for Q2 2005, +13%)
Mac portables = 495,000 (vs. 460,000 for Q3 2004, +8%) — (462,000 for Q2 2005, +7%)

Total Mac units = 1,182,000 (vs. 876,000 for Q3 2004, +35%) — (1,070,000 for Q2 2005, +10%)

iPod = 6,155,000 (vs. 860,000 for Q3 2004, +616%) — (5,311,000 for Q2 2005, +16%)

Full 8-K information here.

MacDailyNews Note: Apple no longer breaks out models into categories such as iMac, Power Mac, etc. and instead reports only on desktop and portable totals. Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer stated during the Conference Call that “Mac unit growth significantly exceeded overall PC market as a whole over last three quarters.”

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  1. Let’s read some more insightful commentary from wizened analysts about how the halo effect doesn’t exist.

    Great quarter! The only slight negative is Apple is giving a slightly lowered guidance for this quarter. But that’s smart considering the immediate impact on Mac sales from the Intel switch announcement won’t be known, no matter how smart one might be.

    But 6.15 million iPods last quarter kinda destroys the argument that iPod sales are somehow slowing because Creative or Synaptics are not doing so well. Shows you how much certain armchair analysts know.

  2. What you see the value in is listing Mac minis with G5 desktops and Shuffles with disc based iPods. No one can see the drop in G5 desktop sales or the drop in disc based iPods. All looks rosy even though there are lower sales in some areas.

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