Newer Tech offers Apple iPod mini replacement battery with 50-percent greater capacity

Newer Technology, Inc., has immediately available a high-capacity replacement battery for Apple Computer’s iPod mini that provides 50 percent more capacity than the factory original.

NewerTech’s NuPower iPod mini replacement battery boasts the highest capacity available, 600mAh, and is a bargain at $24.95. All NuPower battery kits are user-installable with included tools and online viewable installation videos, although professional installation is recommended for iPod mini and fourth-generation iPod models.

“All the NuPower batteries rock and will let you rock on longer,” said Larry O’Connor, president of NewerTech in the press release. “We already offer the best iPod replacement batteries for first-, second-, third- and fourth-generation iPods. Now add the mini to that line up.”

NewerTech’s full line of iPod replacement battery kits include:
• 1800mAh first- and second-generation replacement battery kit for $29.95
• 2100mAh first- and second-generation replacement battery kit for $39.95
• 850mAh third-generation replacement battery kit for $25.99
• 750mAh fourth-generation replacement battery kit for $29.95
• 600mAh iPod mini replacement battery kit for $24.95

NewerTech products are available from fine retailers. More information on the full line of NewerTech products and where to buy them is available at

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  1. Hello my name is emaun. I am writing this because my ipod mini has a battery problem and i would like a new ipod or my money back but I live in Belize and my father had ordered it for a christmas gift to me. I was wondereing what i can do to change my ipod mini or to get my money back?

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