First Albany raises Apple earnings, sales, iPod forecasts, cuts Mac mini forecast

“First Albany raised its earnings and sales forecasts for Apple Computer (AAPL) as higher sales from its new Tiger operating system and increased assumptions for iPod are expected to offset lower [Mac mini] sales,” Tomi Kilgore reports for MarketWatch.

First Albany analyst Joel Wagonfeld raised his fiscal third-quarter earnings estimate from 29 cents a share to 34 cents and his revenue forecast from $3.3 billion to $3.4 billion.

Kilgore reports, “Wagonfeld assumes about 2.8 million Tiger copies were sold during the third quarter, increased his iPod sales forecast to 5 million units from 4.25 million, but cut his Mac-Mini forecast to 250,000 units sold from 400,000. He reiterated his buy rating and established a 12-month price target at $44.”

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  1. Mac mini sales are probably lower than anticipated beacuse Apple has still not done any real advertising of it!

    I think the company is awesome, and the purchase of my mini has me hooked and saving up to buy a dual 2.7 PowerMac in August…

    I have been to the local Best Buy, and they have the mini sitting off to one side, next to a couple PCs, and nothing set up to highlight what it is, etc. I pretended to be ignorant and interested in the thing, and the salesman actually said, first words out of his mouth, “it can’t run windows, so you can’t do much with it.” I kept up the charade of ignorance, and kept on him about it, butit was pointless… He wanted me to buy a Windows PC.

  2. I bought my mini online, but I do shop at Best Buy alot and do not recall seeing the minis on display. They probably are just sitting in some dark corner. They should not be allowed to sell Apple computers unless they are going to do it right. When you enter the store it should shout-out to you that the Apples are over here. Best buy losers. They have really gone down hill over the last couple of years…in service and selection.

  3. yeh you shoulda made him feel like the ass he was and asked him if the Mac could run Office, Photoshop, and InDesign, and thats what you use your computer for. Then you shoulda talked about iLife, and asked him if the PC ran iMovie and Garageband, because they are the best products out there for making movies/music simply. Then you shoulda brought up the viruses. After that, you should have asked why on earth you should buy a PC?

  4. Actually, I did give the kid a hard time… He was trying to push me to a $800 HP, telling me how much more powerful it was, etc., etc., blah, blah…

    The real problem was that the guy there didn’t know ANYTHING about the Mac (NOTHING), and that they don’t sell Mac software… It would make more sense if they had a Mac section like CompUSA (if they still do? I haven’t been in one for a while).

  5. Yeah, CompUSA still has a Mac section. I was there yesterday looking for a firewire cable. But they have no Mac minis in the section. Only Power Macs, iMacs, iBooks and Powerbooks. Anyway my firewire hunt was fun. I didn’t want to spend the $30 they wanted at Best Buy and CompUSA for a cable I was only going to use once (transfer info from my old iMac G3 to my new Mac mini). So, I went into every electronics store to see what they had. While in one store I asked a sales person where there firewire cable were and he escorted me to the section. While on the way he said “You must have a mac” Of course I said yes and he said “That’s okay” Not that’s okay like macs are cool powerful machines, but a that’s okay like that’s too bad. I said darn right it’s okay!! They’re better machines than what you sell here and firewire is better than all the USB stuff I keep finding. BTW – they didn’t have my cord, I found it at Target for $14.99.

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