Photos of Motorola E790 ‘Apple iTunes phone’ posted online

Engadget has “scored some actual live shots of a cellphone running Apple’s new iTunes Mobile software. It might just be an engineering or a production sample, and [Engadget] can’t guarantee whether this will actually be the first iTunes phone or not, but [they] do know that [they’re] looking at a pearly white E790 and that synchronizes with iTunes 4.9 (and has the same autofill menu options as the iPod shuffle.”

Engadget has more info and photos of the phone and iTunes interacting with the phone here.

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  1. I remember Jobs’ address to a Motorola function around this time last year announcing that Apple would be producing a mobile version of iTunes, for Moto’s hardware.

    Could somebody please reference for me where it was ever stated or even indicated that Apple would be in any way involved in the hardware aspect of the project?

    I am getting the impression that this delayed software has created enormous expectations for an ‘iPhone’, of course not in the least discouraged by this:


  2. i think the black one was legit..
    this was just released to keep people off balance..

    The black with the green buttons etc.. was much more Apple.. imagine that thing w a white shell.. and buttons that change colour..

  3. well, if so…

    Apple would be producing a green and black coloured item (think XBOX) and switching to Intel.

    While Microsoft’s new XBOX is all white, and, of course, PowerPC.

    Think Different.

  4. Hmmm. As nice as it would be to have iTunes functionality in a phone, I’d be more impressed if Apple’s fingerprint extended to the usability of the phones OS. Apple owns the user experience; bolting-on an iTunes app within a clunky mobile menu system would not make me rush to the store and part with my money.

    Here’s hoping there’s more to it than just iTunes lite.

  5. A neat iTunes trick:

    1. Open PREFERENCES in iTunes. Watch the PODCAST icon.

    2. Open SYSTEM PREFERENCES, and change your display resolution to 256 colors.

    The PODCAST icon changes to a Motorola cellphone icon. A RAZR phone, no less.


  6. Looks like this is just the iTunes software running on an old phone. Don’t get too disappointed yet. Wait until it’s actually announced to see what it looks like.

  7. yeah…that’s been all over the net for the last few days.

    -and, if you ask me, the phone it turns into kind of resembles the one engadget found…

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