MacDailyNews Exclusive: Leaked images of Motorola Apple iTunes phone?

MacDailyNews has come into possession of a Motorola presentation that looks to be genuine and includes images of what’s purported to be the Motorola ROKR Apple iTunes phone. The slides are accompanied with brief text titles, “ROKR: Kick “A” Music for the Masses – [Apple Logo] Apple – Seamless Mobility 1.0.” Apple and Motorola had not returned requests for comment at the time of this publication. Yesterday we reported on a story by Engadget (see related article below) that contained a similar image of the full phone (top left shot in our image montage). The images we’ve assembled below show the unit in greater detail.

Buttons that seem to be for “Play/Pause,” “Skip forward/FF,” “Skip backward/Rewind,” possibly a dedicated “Volume” button, what could be a “Hold/Power” button, and what looks to be a combination “Keypad/Click Wheel” (Click Key Wheel? Click Pad Wheel?) appear in the images. The unit appears to come with a camera feature and also a sort of mini joystick thing above the “Keypad/Click Wheel.”

Remember, we have no confirmation from Apple or Motorola that this is indeed the “iTunes phone.” Isn’t the thing supposed to be iPod white.

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  1. Is it just me, or does it look like the front – including the iPod-like display and touch wheel – flips up? Stupid question – do they make 2-way LCD’s? If so, that pretty damn cool.

  2. well those new images are different from the 2 engadget had.. i think..

    but really.. the XBOX comparaisons are obvious..

    which makes you think..noooo Apple wouldn’t do that…

    more and more i think it’s real..


    Check the iTunes logo. What color is it?

  3. What’s the betting that the itunes functionality will use the scroll wheel and be ipod like but that all the regular phone functions will be like any crappy phone and force you to use the stupid joystick type controller and be a pain in the ass?

  4. To those of you who say it’s not an exclusive citing yesterday’s report – well, yesterday’s report was rumor-based. I’m assuming MDN has more solid evidence to back this up (like the additional photos, we got more today than yesterday).

    So yesterday = rumor

    Today = Fact / More Fact-ious (i.e. exlusive!)

  5. Not an exclusive, its been all over. I read and saw the images on Slashdot around 4am this morning. I believe someone already announced them as fake already as well.

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