Apple’s understanding of what really counts makes iPod+iTunes impossible to beat

“What is it that makes Apple’s double whammy of iPod and iTunes impossible to beat? It’s not the perfect cross-platform compatibility – it resists the temptation to reserve special features for Mac users,” Giles Colborne writes for Revolution. “It’s that Apple understands that what really counts is the music.”

“It doesn’t advertise the iPod’s list of features; it just shows people enjoying music and the package lives up to the promise. Software and hardware have incredibly simple interfaces and there is almost nothing to learn,” Colborne writes. “There’s no talk of nodes or sub-directories with iTunes. The software automatically organises your music by genre, artist, albums and tracks. Just the way you would (if you had time).”

Colborne writes, “What’s really interesting is the editorial content – there isn’t any. No reviews, no interviews, no links, no hardware stores, no customer ratings. The nearest thing to editorial is a playlist. If you want to know about music, you’re expected to listen to it and make your own mind up. It all makes for a very pure music-buying experience. Apple is one of the few retail stores I can think of that lets the product do the talking. Anyone considering a ‘value add’ strategy should look at iTunes.”

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