Microsoft launches free beta of ‘Photoshop killer’ called ‘Acryllic’

“Microsoft has quietly launched the beta program for its new illustration, paint and image-editing tool codenamed Acrylic. It is aimed at graphics pros working in print, web, video and interactive media,” Grace Aquino writes for PC World. “According to Microsoft, Acrylic is based on Expression 3 (formerly from Creature House). It combines both pixel-based painting with raster- and vector-graphic editing… To run the beta, you need Windows XP Service Pack 2 installed on your computer.”

“The 77MB Acrylic beta is available as a free download [Windows-only] from Microsoft’s site, and expires October 2005,” Aquino reports. “More details, including a shipping date and support for Mac OS X, were not available.”

Full article here.


  1. MNXT451 and Tommy Boy id like to shake your hands!! how about a job at my company! only requirement is you hit me on the head with a hammer when you walk in my office!!!

  2. Why does everyone think this is a Photoshop competitor? This app derived from Creature House Expression, which was first brought to the market many years ago by Fractal Design – you know, the people who brought Painter to the market. In effect, this app can be called Painter, but with vector strokes. I still use version 3, which I bought a few years ago. It’s really a nice app in its own way – with an interface that isn’t very Mac-like, although very functional and if you are openminded, you come to appreciate it.

    If you can forget that it is not Photoshop and not Illustrator – it doesn’t want to be – this is a nice app with which you can create beautiful artworks. I was sad when Microsoft bought up the company. Now I don’t know if this app has a future on the Macintosh. We need more apps like this one at reasonable prices. I bought this app around $200 or $250. Show me another app which offers painting/drawing in vector strokes, with ink, chalk, watercolor effects. There isn’t any out there that I know other than Illustrator. I really hope that Microsoft will bring a Mac version. Please, don’t judge this app because it’s now Microsoft, and don’t judge this app for not being a true Photoshop or Illustrator. It’s an app in its own right.

  3. Been there, done that. The program SUCKS. It’s a glorified Paint program that has the system requirements of a supercomputer to use. Typical MS bloatware. Why won’t they either finish Longhorn or fix XP first?

    I usually don’t do this, but the MW is “enough” as in I’ve had “enough” of Microsoft’s nonsense.

  4. If it comes from Microsoft and has the word “graphics” in it you can be assured that it is a complete and total peice of crap software. NOTHING MS EVER releases will ever be considered a “Photoshop “killer.

    BTW – I checked on their DL page and you must be running WinXP with SP2 for it to work properly. It is not compatible with Win2K. WTF!?!?!?!

  5. Greetings and Salutations,

    JadisOne I didn’t appreciate your comment! When I see you I’ll be sure to throw a pie in your face! And then I’ll slip a twenty dollar bill in your shirt pocket!!

  6. Yeh, like I’ll give up my AMAZING Adobe Creative Suite for a piece of BETA software from a company that cannot even make a decent OS, even though it has been trying since 1985.

    Can you imagine the offices of USA Today using Acrylic:

    “We’ve got to get this paper to press in 25 minutes, what’s the hold-up?”

    “Sorry boss, Acrylic keeps crashing every time we try to export a PDF. I think we need to buy the PDF export plugin, only $499 from Microsoft.”

    “But Steve Ballmer told me Acrylic was better than CS2, you mean to say I can’t create a PDF?”

    “No, not unless you…. oh wait, it’s crashed again. Can you call the press room and ask them if tomorrow is OK. Hopefully we’ll have Creative Suite 2 re-installed then. What do you want me to do with these copies of Acrylic?”

    “Well if you put the disks in an oven for a while then bend them, they make great ash trays.”

  7. so MDN reports earlier on napster/erricson teaming up…(yeah yeah..i can see the relation to apple there) and now this….isn’t photoshop made for PCs too?!?! so WHY is this mac news….this isn’t competing directly with macs since macs compete anyway with photoshop for XP……what the world….

  8. insult billy and get paid….

    i hate you billy!!! and i hate everything you make!!

    MW wrong…everything u do is wrong ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”raspberry” style=”border:0;” />

  9. I actually loved the app ‘Expression’ (of which Acrylic was morphed from) but the development was halted as soon as M$ took over… It was way ahead of it’s time – in the day.

    I sometimes use it (still), but Illustrator had just gotten so much better…

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