Apple to unleash Leopard on Microsoft’s Windows Longhorn; Mac OS X 10.5 due late 2006 – early 2007

Steve Jobs announced Mac OS X 10.5 “Leopard” during his World Wide Developers Conference keynote presentation yesterday.

Jobs made the announcement early in his presentation, before breaking the news that Apple would switch from IBM and Freescale PowerPC to Intel x86 processors.

According to Jobs, Leopard is due late 2006 / early 2007. This would put Leopard on track to debut right around Microsoft’s currently-stated, oft-slippng, stripped-down Longhorn release date. Yum, steak!

The release of Leopard in late 2006 / early 2007 would come during Apple’s transition to Intel processors in their Mac lines, scheduled to be completed by the end of 2007.

[UPDATE, 11:57am EDT: Clarified Leopard release timeframe.]

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  1. think about if longhorn was a flop this could kill microsoft by releasing it onto pcs and is apple going to liscense it out to other companies? and rembemer it could very well be released in 2007

  2. Here’s the thing:

    So long as my Mac looks like a Mac when I start it up, and looks as good as my current G5 when I take it out of its box, then I really don’t care if its being powered by IBM’s PowerPC, Intel’s Pentium or a troupe of highly disciplined, overworked gerbils.

    After all, if I undo my current machine – which I only ever do to chuck some more RAM in or maybe upgrade the video card (hardly everyday tasks) – all I see is two massive heatsink covers that say G5. If it wasn’t for Apple’s System Profiler, I wouldn’t have a clue what was under there and I suspect that 95% of people don’t even care.

  3. Randy:

    If Leopard ships in early 2007 and the hardware migration isn’t complete until late 2007, it’s fair to say that Leopard will probably support all G5 Macintosh systems and many latterday (1 GHz+) G4 systems.

    And I still believe that, between now and late 2007, Apple will ship a system based on IBM’s 970MP and probably another generation as well, whilst laptops might still see Freescale technology before too long.

  4. I would like to make mention of something….

    With Apple selling their 2,000,000 copy of Tiger, at an average of $100/per…the take on that is $2 billion, minus the cost of a box and a cd. I believe that they expect to double that in the next year; an extra $4 billion plus in the war chest. Steve is going to need it to help him through this transition of slow power pc sales. No one should want to buy a power pc machine unless they absolutly HAVE TO. The minuite the developer decides not to check both boxes, (to make a univeral binary to run on both intel and PPC) your G3, G4, G5 just became obsolite. (all at the whim of the developer, or by a push from Apple.) Picture this: take your brand new dual G5 that you just bought, go a year or so in the future, (Although you are probably safe for a while longer as long as you only use main stream apps.) put it (your new G5) in a coffin and shut the lid. (Remeber OS9) It could also be used as a boat anchor as well, but don’t plan on selling it on ebay, where Apple prices have always been strong on ebay, with this elimination of the “G” series, I expect Apple ebay prices to tank. (Another reason for this is that the Apple community historically wants the latest and greatest thing on the market, and people who buy off ebay have the same mentality, they are just on a delay cycle, usually because of cost; and anyone with any forthought will not want to purchase an obsolite machine – even if it is only 6mths-1year old.)

    I have gotten so off-topic from where I wanted to be….the point I wanted to make is this….

    Based on the figures above on how much is being made for apple on every OS release, it is probably at least 100 fold when MS releases an OS release. This is significant. Think about how much money has been lost by the perpetual delays of Longhorn. This is a significant hit to MS’s bottom line – I would guess at least 100-250 BILLION. If Steve was in charge at MS, (first this situation would have never happened) entire departments would have been fired – and with good reason. It just goes to show the severe inadequacies and shortfalls of the empire that is MS. (They are just as delayed on thier CRM product.)

  5. Didn´t it used to be that when the version went up by an entire number (say OS 7 to OS 8) one paid for the new version, but when it went from 7.1 to 7.2 this was free upgrade.
    Now Apple is sucking $100 plus every year for a .1 improvement in the software.
    If it was Microsoft doing it – everyone would be screaming MS sucks.

    Question: What will be the price of a:
    Intel powered 3.6 Ghz Dell?
    Intel powered 3.6 Ghz Apple?
    The only difference will be the outside design and the OS. How much of a markup will Apple add…and will people pay it?
    And at least with MS OS one can go AMD for the processor – which are faster than Intel (at the moment).

  6. “I was hoping Steve would give some more details about this release, as is customary at these meccas, but it seems like he got distracted by x86. I was also expecting an announcement for the release of iTunes 4.9 after he went on about podcasting. Oh well, I will have to wait.”


    Seeing how Tiger was released in April and WWDC 05 is all about Tiger, I think it wouldn’t be prudent to talk about Leopard.

    As far as being “distracted” about x86. I wouldn’t call it distracted as much as I would call it getting your developer base on board for a MAJOR transition for the Mac platform.

    The announcement of iTunes 4.9’s release was stated at the D:All Things Digital conference. At the conference, Steve said it would ship within 60 days. That would bring us to July 22 (at the latest).

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