Cobb County’s Apple iBooks in schools saga continues with lawsuit

“The former Cobb County commissioner suing the school system to stop its laptop computer program said his lawsuit stems from personal and not political convictions, despite longtime friendships that include school board member and program opponent Lindsey Tippins,” Kristina Torres and Don Plummer report for The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “‘The school board really [acted] like they didn’t need to be accountable, it felt like,’ Butch Thompson said last week, after he filed the lawsuit. In it, he accuses school officials of planning to misspend taxpayers’ money by using proceeds from a 1 percent sales tax to start the program. The lawsuit ‘is the only avenue that’s left to stop it.'”

“Cobb County Superior Court Judge S. Lark Ingram has set a July 8 hearing date,” Torres and Plummer report. “County voters approved the tax in 2003. As they did, school officials said they would replace students’ “obsolete workstations.” The suit contends that the language was not specific enough to inform voters that the system intended to provide computers for all students in grades six through 12, putting Cobb on track to lead one of the nation’s largest efforts to provide laptops to students.”

“The first phase of the program, costing about $25 million, was approved by the seven-member school board in April despite opposition from Tippins and board member Betty Gray. The system began distributing Apple iBook laptops two weeks ago to some of its more than 7,100 teachers,” Torres and Plummer report. “It already has named four high schools as pilot sites where students will get iBooks sometime next school year. The first phase of the program also calls for upgrading middle school computer labs starting next fall… The Cobb program eventually could distribute 63,000 iBooks to all teachers and all students in grades six through 12, if the school board approves the rest of the program in coming years.”

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  1. To the ex-commissioner Butch Thompson: What’s wrong with providing up-to-date technology to teachers and students if the funding is available? Did the taxpayers who voted for the levy all think the term “workstation” meant benches and personal chalkboards??

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