Computing with confidence: Apple Mac vs. Microsoft Windows

“Let’s play a game of word association. I’ll go first: ‘Internet cafe.’ Your turn. ‘Viruses.’ How about ‘unprotected network.’ ‘Viruses.’ And ‘hotel Internet connection?’ ‘Viruses,'” Mike Berman writes for Scripps Howard News Service. “Do you see pattern here, other than paranoia? The unfortunate truth is that, because of the proliferation of those nasty computer germs, we have become paranoid and fear venturing out into uncharted territory with our computers.”

MacDailyNews Take: We see no such pattern. We answered, “coffee,” “not too smart,” and “convenient,” to Berman’s three word associations. Of course, we use Apple Macs running Mac OS X which has zero viruses, so we must “think different” than the average Windows PC user. We use our PowerBooks everywhere without fear or paranoia. Imagine that.

Berman continues, “The folks at ZyXEL are doing their bit to ease that fear with the introduction of the ZyWall P1 ($225), which is a portable firewall that is no larger than a Palm Computer. You can pop this baby into your suitcase or laptop bag and trot off to the nearest Internet cafe, or take that business trip with confidence that you’re protected against viruses, worms and other scourges of the Internet. It’s actually a pretty simple device. One end connects to the network via a standard Ethernet cable, the other attaches to the USB port of your computer. And, since it does not depend on a specific operating system to do its thing, it can be used on Windows, Apple and Linux PCs.”

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We already are confident that we’re protected against viruses, as we use Apple Macs running Mac OS X. We see no need to lug around a $225 hardware brick everywhere we go in order to protect us from something our operating system does for us. So, no fear here. It’s nice, we suppose, that it can be used on “Apple PCs,” but that’s rather like hauling an umbrella to the Sahara Desert. The folks at ZyXEL must be happy the folks at Microsoft are incompetent. One question, other than “isn’t the Windows mindset ridiculous and sad,” that comes to mind is, “If we add the $225 for protection to the cost of a Windows PC, isn’t every virus-free Mac automatically $225 less expensive?”

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  1. A Wintel PC looks more and more like the LEMONS at car dealers. Great sticker price but in order to have the car able to take you home you end up paying the double before leaving the car park…

    “Oh, yes, yes, you had a great deal at $2000 for that car. BUT, before leaving let me tell you something you need to have now…” 😀

    Looks like MS hires car dealers for their marketing…

  2. What you see here is the Mac mindset vs. the Windows mindset. In my experience, Mac users try just about everything: installing and uninstalling with abandon, connecting wirelessly out and about, etc.

    Windows users are usually afraid they’ll break something, which, of course, they probably will. Or they’re afraid somebody or some viruses will break into their boxes, which, of course, they probably will.

    Who wants to live in fear when they could just be exploring personal computing and doing and learning amazing things?

  3. I wouldn’t mind having an umbrella in the Sahara: portable shade!

    Of course, I wouldn’t carry one of those firewall bricks around (even if it was free!). And I definitely wouldn’t carry one to the Sahara ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Does MDN know anything about network hardware… apparently not. Here’s a little lesson for you MDN. A firewall prevents unauthorized access to your computer. It blocks other users from accessing your computer. A firewall does NOTHING to prevent viruses from getting to your computer.

    I would expert more knowledge from a tech driven website. I guess I my standards are too high for the borderline tech illiterate writes at MDN.

  5. Why does it go from Ethernet to USB??????

    Isn’t it dodgy doing things this way? Isn’t it the case with USB DSL modems (and the like) that (nearly?) every system update requires a software patch to get the DSL modem talking to your computer again?

    And at that price, yould could get a wireless router with built in firewall software anyway.

  6. LOL, a firewall does NOT prevent other users from accessing your computer. A firewall *regulates* traffic to/from TCP/IP ports and UDP, and to allow/block use of certain ports by certain daemons and protocols.

    It is used as well for blocking a port as for opening it to certain traffic, and allows to log as well the traffic through those ports.

    Indeed, what are you talking about? Funny you took stantheman along with it.

    So, in your simplistic view when you have a firewall on nobody can access your computer? ROFLMAO

    I was NOT expecting more knowledge from Wintel PC users.

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