Motorola expects to launch first Apple iTunes phone this summer, second iTunes phone in 4th quarter

“Motorola executive Ed Gams said Motorola hopes this summer to ship its first phone that can download music using Apple Computer Inc.’s iTunes,” Reuters reports. “‘The first of these we’re hoping to see in the summer,’ he said, referring to a phone that many observers expect to be popular among consumers. He said he expects Motorola to launch another music phone in the fourth quarter. Motorola previously said it would deliver two iTunes-compatible phones this year, with one coming to market in the first half of the year and another in the second half.”

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  1. Ed Gams?!? Come onnnnn . . . that’s a made-up name. Yeh-hehessssss. I mean, what – did the family name used to be ‘Legs’ and they thought ‘Gams’ would be better? Hey, I keed. I keed the pitifully-named.

    No seriously, next thing you know some freak will name their kid’s ‘Apple’ or ‘Blanket’ or something.

    Oh-ho-hohhhh . . . never mind. I forgot.

  2. How many months has the world been waiting for this thing?!

    Music Industry greed is holding up the ITMS worldwide, and now the Phone Companies are holding up an iTunes capable phone …

    Seriously, is anyone really going to download songs to their mobile at $3 a pop (like the phone companies want) or will this phone which enables you to transfer songs from your computer eventually see the light of day … it seems like what the consumer wants is always last on the list.

  3. wonder how much the phone will cost and which carriers will offer it first.
    hopefully it will undercut nokia’s. what about specs for audio quality, any word on that yet?

  4. This will be cool when it happens, but I am wondering if carriers will cripple OBEX in the phones so that you can’t sync address books and contacts via bluetooth. That is what Verizon made Motorola do with their first Bluetooth phone, the V710. The reason supposedly is because phone carriers don’t want people to have the ability to swap files to one another via bluetooth (e.g. Screensavers and tones).

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