Forrester CEO: ‘Microsoft is in its most vulnerable moment in history’

“The next two years will be crucial for software giant Microsoft. Under attack on numerous fronts, it could falter – or fight back to become even more dominant,” Tim Weber writes for BBC News.

“Welcome to Microsoft’s wireless ‘M.home,’ on a leafy street in London’s Ladbroke Grove. “‘This is not the home of the future,’ says Cynthia Crossley, who is in charge of Microsoft’s Windows operating system in the UK. ‘All the technology can be bought off-the-shelf and fits subtly into your home.’ Driven by Microsoft’s Media Center software, the showcase home lends credibility to the promise of Microsoft boss Bill Gates that in a few years’ time his company will deliver a ‘user-centric’ digital world,” Weber writes.

“Alas, the M.home is a far cry from real life: where few computers link up to hi-fi and television, where complex software, hardware and competing media formats drive users to despair, and where setting up wireless home networks is a black art,” Weber writes.

MacDailyNews Note: Unless you have a Macintosh.

Weber continues, “Security is another issue. Millions of computers running Microsoft’s Windows operating system are under constant virus attack and riddled with spyware. ‘Microsoft is in its most vulnerable moment in history, just like IBM in the 1990s, says George Colony, the chief executive of technology research firm Forrester.”

“The fate of ‘Longhorn’ is a case in point. The much-heralded successor to Windows XP is badly delayed and key components won’t be ready for launch. ‘We are working hard to get it on the market in 2006 and scale our ambitions to fit with that,’ Mr Gates admits. Thus users will have to wait until 2007 for Longhorn’s revolutionary filing system, designed to help find information buried in ever larger hard drives. Once ready it will be deployed as part of a Longhorn service pack, says Alistair Baker, boss of Microsoft UK. But Apple’s brand-new ‘OS X Tiger’ operating system offers this kind of functionality today,” Weber writes.

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  1. No one at Micro$it is loosing any sleep. They know that there is an unlimited number of idiots out there that will continue to labor in the M$ gulac.

  2. Setting up a wireless network = black art? On a PC, yes. It took me 2 days of tinkering to get my wireless PC network set up AND running. And then it would stop working every other day. When I got my iBook, I also got an Airport Extreme base station. On the web in 5 minutes.

  3. Microsoft is still the standard and leader for all technology.

    Nothing has changed; the “real IT world ” is not moving to an unproven, non-compliant OS such as OS X.anything.

    The enterprise environment is the leading edge of technology and Microsoft is the premier vendor of cutting edge technologies for the enterprise market. Home users will look to the experts in the press and the “real IT world” to help steer them through the murky waters of computers. And the bottom line is: Apple computers are not being recommended by any serious players in the media or the enterprise technology realm.

    For cutting edge affordable worry free computing you need look no further then Windows XP and the soon to be released Longhorn OS. Additionally Longhorn is going to blow everyone out of the water.

    Furthermore with the new “widget based exploits” plaguing the Apple OS now is not the time to become a “switcher”.


  4. Pretty good article; interested in reading the next installment on M$ plan to beat its rivals.

    Damd iCon is and crew are savvy! Unix variant for the core that is open source. Then you get the whole world of talented programers developing your core while you work on the top layer stuff like ‘Spotlight’.

    Sheer genius! {he sobs from a heavy heart}

    M$ proprietary model is screwed. Oh well.

    ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue laugh” style=”border:0;” />

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