Thurrott: Longhorn ‘has the makings of a train wreck’

Windows tech writer Paul Thurrott is blogging about what he’s seeing at the Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) 2005 over on the Windows IT Pro website

“In the cold light of morning, I’m reflecting a bit on Longhorn 5048. My thoughts are not positive, not positive at all. This is a painful build to have to deal with after a year of waiting, a step back in some ways. I hope Microsoft has surprises up their sleeves. This has the makings of a train wreck. I’ll have more on that later,” Thurrott writes in his “WinHEC 2005: Day Two Blog” for Windows IT Pro.

Full article here.

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  1. Something must be seriously wrong if Thurrot is writing that Longhorn will turn out to be a train wreck. Maybe using that Powerbook and reviewing Tiger is starting make him see the light?

  2. WinDoze has been a train-wreck in progress for many years …
    The difference now is … even Thurrot is beginning to wake up to this fact !!

    Tiger !! …. Yesssss !!

    Bring on the new cat !! …. GROWL !!

  3. Is Thurrot Apple’s secret weapon? Lookie everyone, the most hardened Windows apologist is bad-mouthing Longhorn while carrying his PowerBook to WinHEC.

    What’s the world coming to? Is everyone for sale, or is this for real? Quite a coop.

  4. Paul is just bucking for a raise. Once his masters in Redmond come through, Paul will have second thoughts on what he saw and suddenly Longhorn will be ground breakingly breathtaking.

    Every whore must be paid. When the check is late, Microsoft gets pissed on.

    On a separate thread he is ripping apart Tiger. Whoever pays first wins?

  5. Does Thurrot have a pre-release Tiger on that PowerBook he’s carrying around? I bet he’s showing everyone that even sneers in his direction.

    MW: answer

  6. Again, he slammed Tiger last week and said that Longhorn had much more potential, now this week he comes up with this?!? The guy is a clueless tool…quit reading his crap!

  7. To MDN: Is that all you’ve got to do is to watch for Paul’s reviews about an OS that’s not Apple’s?
    Do you have to wait for others to tell you what they think of Longhorn to finally convince yourself that what you believe in is true?
    Do you have any idea that the one you keep on bashing (Paul) seems to have more relevance than your own views and opinions. Look how much you speak of Thurrott.

  8. Paul will never see the light. It would mean admitting he was wrong the whole time and drinking somebody else’s Kool-Aid, so he’ll never come over from the Dark side.

  9. He’s “tearing them down,” just so he can rebuild them and hail them the Pheonix, risen from the ashes.

    He’s a tool.

    Rubes! Rubes everywhere! ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”cool cheese” style=”border:0;” />

  10. While the Chief Theifetecht of Micro$oftopoly has been getting ‘Knighted’ and all that other BS, Apple has been burning the midnight oil on many different fronts. M$ blogs show a very unhappy bunch of campers up in Redmond, and many of their best and brightest have left or are giving it considerable thought.
    IMHO, Ballmer is to M$ what Sculley was to Apple- an empty corporate ‘pimp’ who drank his own PR Kool-Aid and fiddled while Rome is burned. M$ made it’s big growth while Apple was under the ‘leadership’ of a Soda Pop Exec- not Steve Jobs. Now the former P&G suit is running up against the real thing.

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